Nwalme Fuvur


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"Fear not the man who threatens.
A legitimate threat would have no cause to be so forthcoming.
fool playing at being a threat is trying to throw you off and confound you.
Someone of equal strength is just giving you ammunition.
Indeed, find in yourself no cause to threaten another of your kind;
it is as uncivilized as it is needlessly verbose and ineffectual."


Full Name
: Nwalme Fuvur
Nickname/Alias: Smoke
Age: 147

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Name: Nwalme Fuvur
Other Names: Smoke.
Titles: Witch King, Magus, Lord, King of Eastmost Mountains, Emperor of House Fuvur, Uniter of the Broken South, Master of the Universe, Magus Emperor.

Age: He appears to be in his early to mid thirties, with a body and face like that of a tool kept in ill repair.
Race: Elf.
Gender: M
Sexuality: He has lots of cats.
Current Residence: Sanardu.
Relationship Status: Married.
Social Status: One of like six emperors, but the one with the most things.

(as well as burns on his shoulders and a tattoo on his chest)

Height: 5'8
Weight: Nwalme is built like a retired athlete, one of the ones where strength and bulk is prioritized over this thing you call agility. While he has put on weight, his strength has... not diminished.
Eye Color: Dark blue.
Skin Color: Tan.
Distinguishing Features: Nwalme has a very distinctive manner, with lots of small scars on his face, and a very typical style of dress that he rarely deviates from. As well as lots of things he carries on his person virtually all of the time in public.
Build of Body: There are no two ways about Nwalme's overindulgence when it comes to food and drink, especially the former. However, despite Nwalme's all-consuming appetite, he still exercises both in terms of endurance and strength. He is built like a retired athlete, as mentioned, in the style of a strongman.
Hair Color: Black.
Complexion: Nwalme's torso and neck are freckled, his skin is otherwise, while heavily scarred in areas, relatively smooth.
Posture: While a master of the art of grandstanding and audacity, people with a perceptive eye notice that Nwalme is generally remarkably cautious and always promoting confusion and disarray in those he cannot bring to his cause.
Is Seen By Others As: Like all great men (as he would see it), Nwalme is a murderer, narcissist, and lucky fool. Just as much as he is a hero, brilliant genius, and the last of a great generation of political strategists.
Scars: Lots and lots of small scars everywhere, from years of wear and tear, not to mention the big and prominent ones.
Voice: Nwalme has the same controlled but bombastic style as this old guy, but given he's not physically as old as the aforementioned geezer, his vocal quality is more like Jack Sparrow with (usually) an estuary accent.

"Were it not in our nature to contradict our natures, how would we innovate at all?"

Values: Independance, community, respect, ambition, competence, loyalty, ruthlessness, strategic thinking.
Education: Despite being able to read in five languages, Nwalme holds a contempt for the erudites and those of scholarly dispositions. He believes that the only useful knowledge in the world is practical application of knowledge, and those peoples who consider themselves knowledgeable despite not having done something with that knowledge ought to be held in contempt. Insofar as a "natural" intelligence is concerned, Nwalme is most adept at finding solutions to complex problems, and has an ability in the extreme at managing social relationships.
Spoken & written: Common, Elven, Engem, Eark'zian, Fae
Spoken: Mok'yra, Verba
General Attitude: Nwalme has a dry, biting wit and a personality that fills an entire room with his presence. Though his actual emotional state is evidently either suppressed or unstable.
Religious Inclination: While still in development, Nwalme has expressed ideas similar to that of Martin Luther in the early stages of the Protestant Reformation. Any man has a right to interpret the will of the gods (in this case justified because Nwalme does not acknowledge any oracles or Grand Inquisitors as being legitimate institutions).
General Intelligence: He is all but a one man show with a personality strong enough to hold an empire together whose entire body of laws is wholly dependant on his whims and his whims alone. For all of his faults, Nwalme can be acknowledged as at least being somewhat clever.
General Sociability: Very comfortable in social circumstances,
Alignment: Lawful evil.

nwalme side.png

"A meeting between two powers is no different from being the groom at a wedding with people you hate. While you can accept the necessity of the song and dance, all you really want to do is shove the bride in the dirt and get on with the consummation."

Illnesses: Not particularly prone to illness.
Injuries: Nwalme infrequently suffers from nosebleeds in especially arid environments. There are some other chronic conditions he copes with, but they are less obvious.
Sleeping Habits: Nwalme forgets to sleep if he's especially into whatever he's doing.
Energy Levels: Inexhaustible when engaged, hard to find a reason to get out of bed when depressed.
Eating Habits: The number of meals a day is dependant on how big your stomach is and how much you can find not on social convention.
Exercise Habits: Nwalme makes multiple trips up and down a literal mountain of staircases every day, and tends to find excuses to lift heavy things when not otherwise engaged. He doesn't swim anymore, but I mean, I guess he still technically can in his olympic bathroom sometimes.
Memory: It appears to be selective, able to be turned on and off as convenient.
Unhealthy Habits: Gluttony.
Drinking Habits: What's wrong with one to three glasses of hard liquor an hour during your four to nine hour work day, and more at home on special (most) occasions, and at every meal including (multiple) lunch breaks?

"There was once a literal force of naught in this world, indeed, an army led by the physical embodiment of grief. Through the dilligence of our kind and the sacrifice of our makers, they are gone now from this world. Though their spirit lingers in the useless of our kind."

Birthplace: Port Silver.
Everything Else: eh anyone's guess rly
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I love him already. He's as brilliant as Basil with all the... Hatable parts taken out :p

Edit: Though I can see him getting all corrupted and dark(er) :D


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I love him already. He's as brilliant as Basil with all the... Hatable parts taken out :p

Edit: Though I can see him getting all corrupted and dark(er) :D
Yes! Very awesome character indeed. Like you said very much like Basil, but with the hatable parts taken out. Say blarg, how is it transitioning from one character to another?