Nwalme Fuvur


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: Nwalme Fuvur
Other Names: Smoke.
Titles: Witch King, Magus, Lord, King of Eastmost Mountains, Basement Despot Emperor of House Fuvur, Uniter of the Broken South, Master of the Universe, Magus Emperor, Emperor of the Fuvurian Dominion, Autarch of Sanardu, papa, Knight.

Age: 156. Nwalme's beard and disposition age him in appearance, looking to be something to the tune of his mid thirties or older.
Race: Elf.
Gender: M
Sexuality: He has lots of cats.
Current Residence: Sanardu.
Relationship Status: Married.
Social Status: Nwalme considers himself something in the realm of a prominent, regionally influential king.

Height: 5'8
Weight: Nwalme is an elf of tremendous proportions. He has spent decades of physical conditioning to overcome his innate lithe nature to instead be a small brick wall of a thing.
Eye Color: Dark blue.
Skin Color: Tan.
Distinguishing Features: After meeting Nwalme once, it would be extremely hard to confuse him with any other person. In addition to his mannerisms, Nwalme also has many scars and tattoos that serve as reasonable means of identification.
Build of Body: The reference for Nwalme's build is that of a heavyweight boxer. Specifically, Nwalme is quite strapping, but in addition to this he has put on several pounds that aren't muscle but are more like, say, cake.
Hair Color: Black.
Complexion: Nwalme's face is molded by years of harsh conditions and a myriad of small scars. It once was smooth. His torso is freckled in places, and the rest of his skin is skin.
Posture: Nwalme tends to slouch and lean, but not in a lazy way persay. It looks more like a fat cat feigning lethargy to lure in a fresh catch.
Scars: Nwalme has a plethora of scars.
Voice: He possesses an unusual degree of control over his own voice, not unlike someone trained in theater. He is capable of whipping his voice up and down in volume and pitch with great ease.

Values: Consistency.
Education: Nwalme has learned almost everything he has learned through either analysis or experience. He has contempt for people who would learn instead through books or being taught by someone else, and he thinks that formal education (beyond basic necessities such as reading) is one of the factors causing the degeneracy he believes to be happening throughout the world. That said, through sheer age Nwalme has accumulated an obscene degree of knowledge of things ancient, practical, and esoteric.
Spoken & written: Common, Elven, Engem, Eark'zian, Fae
Spoken: Mok'yra, Verba
General Attitude: Nwalme has a cruel, biting sense of humor, and enjoys playing little social games with people until they cotton onto what he's doing.
Religious Inclination: Nwalme believes that everyone has the right to interpret the divine law and the will of divines to their personal satisfaction, even if almost everyone else does it wrong.
General Intelligence: He is at least somewhat clever.
General Sociability: Very comfortable in social circumstances.
Alignment: Lawful evil.


Illnesses: Not particularly prone to illness.
Injuries: Nwalme infrequently suffers from nosebleeds in especially arid environments. There are some other chronic conditions he copes with, but they are less obvious.
Sleeping Habits: Nwalme forgets to sleep if he's extremely inspired or focused for whatever reason.
Energy Levels: Inexhaustible when engaged, hard to find a reason to get out of bed when depressed.
Eating Habits: Nwalme is constantly snacking on something or another to the point of absurd excess.
Exercise Habits: Nwalme makes multiple trips up and down a literal mountain of staircases every day, and tends to find excuses to lift heavy things when not otherwise engaged. He doesn't swim anymore, but I mean, I guess he still technically can in his olympic bathroom sometimes.
Memory: It appears to be selective, able to be turned on and off as convenient.
Unhealthy Habits: Gluttony.
Drinking Habits: Nwalme is a functional alcoholic. He has at least three full glasses of hard liquor a day, and usually much more than that.

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Well it all really depends on if he threatens people....If not then I dont think we will have a problem.


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I love him already. He's as brilliant as Basil with all the... Hatable parts taken out :p

Edit: Though I can see him getting all corrupted and dark(er) :D
Yes! Very awesome character indeed. Like you said very much like Basil, but with the hatable parts taken out. Say blarg, how is it transitioning from one character to another?


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... Character personalities come naturally to me.... I tend to go "Nu, tha's not right" with ideas I thought up before RPing....