Upcoming [Oct 19th & 24th] Into the Depths Again


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I have to give up my place unfortunately :/ Hopefully it clears some space for someone else to join!
I'm sick at the moment and 6pm EST is midnight where I live, I'll probably be sleeping my sickness out by that time
EDIT: there is a slight chance I'll still make it cause I just slept all afternoon, but don't count on it.
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As I now have the day off and I see an open slot, I would like to reserve a slot if that is ok. Equipment and designation is posted earlier in thread.


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I'd like to be on if there are slots that open up on the day or if there are absences when the event starts.

Character Name: Gael
Role: Eviscist (fighter)
Inventory: Focus, plate armor, gambeson, chainmail, rag facemask, waterskin.
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Sorry, this was sorta way overdue. But lemme do this properly pre-event. NIAH

Character Name: Linden Silveira Duskgrove
Preferred Expedition: Uncleared (Already on the list)
Role: Fighter/Support/Healer (Will likely take a healer spot.)
*Crate of Holy Water bottles (About 12, meant to be given out to everyone at the start, with the exception of mages, earthspawn and others unable to use them. Extras are kept by Linden.)
*6x Bottles of Holy Water (Kept on him)
*Field/First Aid Supplies (Bandage rolls, etc)
*2x Unlit Torches
*Flint 'n Steel/Tinder
*Waterskin (Filled with Water)
*Arming/Elven Sword made by Thordil (Blessing + Artifact)
*Mixed Armor of Leather, Chainmail and Scales made by Thordil (Blessing + Artifact)

I think that's all...?


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This is a little under 3 hours away. As far as I know, the list is fully updated.


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Didn't Samwych say he couldn't go? Linden and Thordil were going to stay healers, opening up a fighter spot.
I thought I’d be getting results from the vet today regarding my sick cat but they’re keeping her over the weekend. I talked with niah privately about this and got it cleared up- sorry ^^


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Character Name:
Preferred Expedition:
the today one
Role: (Healer, Fighter, Researcher, etc.)
fighter guy

-Incandesence [Not Attuned AFAIK]
-1 Vial of Holy Oil
-Tinderbox/Flint and Steel

-Plate Armour

-Food+Water for a day or two
-Clay pots of oil
-Unlit torches
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Could still swap Linden to Healer with Thordil
I could, but it doesn't really matter who's listed as what number. The party's full at 15 so I'm not going to worry about who's healing. Could have a party of 15 healers and I wouldn't care, just so long as there's 2 healers per is what I was going for. It is really okay that I haven't moved yall.