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General Information:
[ X ] [ X ] [ X ]
Name: Octavia Jones
Other Names: Tavia, Tav, Tavvy, V, Tavvy cat, Tanner, Cinnamon, Angel eyes
Titles: None

Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Attic above the Kraken
Relationship Status: Complicated

Current thoughts: "What now?."

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5ft 8
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Bright, icey blue
Skin Color: Pale white
Shape of Face: Diamond
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes
Build of Body: Very chunky and muscular with most weight resting on her hips and thighs
Hair Color: White blonde
Hair Style: Shaved at the sides with a mohawk down the middle.
Complexion: Clear
Posture: Relaxed but confident.
-Silver and green ribbon running down and around her right bicep. (this is the closest I could get) [Reference]
-Flowers along her left hip down to her thigh [Reference]
-A little robin below her left collarbone [Reference]
-This exact thing [Reference]

-A scar on her left bicep
-Her back has a few, old scars
-A scar across her left cheek
-Another small scar on her left arm
-Her right hand has a large scar on the palm.
-Left thigh has a scar on the front
-Large Scar on her right thigh

Voice:Her singing voice and her normal voice are very much like Hannah Reid from London Grammar (Girl in this video) (singing voice)


Tav is a party animal, she loves to be around friends, drinking and laughing, no cares in the world. She is most at ease when in a tavern, with a bottle of rum in her hand, and an audience to watch her show off. She also has very strong ideas of justice and does all she can to feel heroic. When people praise her for her strength her ego boosts ten fold, and when she feels respected by those around her, she is even more content.

Due to her history, Tav hates the idea of opening up to anyone. The topic of emotions is not one she easily approaches, and she cannot stand when a conversation feels too serious unless she is completely and utterly comfortable with the person on the other end. She has a very specific sense of humour, and isn't fond of people who cant understand it or take it seriously. Despite her own efforts to push people away, she does not find any comfort in isolation.

One notable strength that Tav possesses is her generally calm composure. No matter the pressure, she nearly always remains very laid back, and its hard to make her feel uncomfortable or anxious. On top of this, it is very difficult to make her angry, she's extremely level headed, but also extremely stubborn and determined. While she isn't one to create many attachments, once you really connect with her she cares wholeheartedly and faithfully.

While seen as a positive by herself, sometimes her stubbornness can get the best of her, paired with her very impulsive and sometimes inappropriate behaviour, she struggles to fight urges to do strange things just to disobey or prove people wrong. She can be a little overly protective, which leads to her very violent and fierce side coming out more often than she'd like. She tends to act far too confident for her own good, and has a general issue with expressing real emotions, instead choosing to make a joke out of most situations. She pushes people away as soon as her emotions are compromised.

Isolation is a nightmare that constantly haunts her, due to her abandonment issues after being left alone by many friends and even her family. Because of these issues she also has a fear of relying on people, or becoming attached to them, as she sees it as a vulnerability and an opening to be hurt. She also fears wolves, bears and mountain lions, as they have all harmed or murdered people she has cared about.

The aspects of life that she holds of highest importance are loyalty, honesty and friendship.

General attitude:
Tav is generally very calm, laid back, but also never without an air of smugness, constantly overly confident

Education: Basic
Languages: Common.
Religious Inclination: Theodra
General Intelligence: Basic
General Sociability: Social Butterfly.
Alignment: Chaotic Good


[0] Succeeded [/] In progress [x] Failed

Short term goals:
-Train [/]
-Get her sword back. [0]
-Be a good mother [/]
-Find a new path.

Long Term Goals:
-Prove herself useful
-Find purpose
-Keep her Son happy.

+Hunting gear [ X ]
+Corset and some trousers.
+Sangria gear
+Since starting work at the bar she has taken to wearing dresses.

Pets/Animals: Two pets.
Owned Homes:None
Carried Inventory: Some bread, a flask, some bandages, her weapons, some barred arrows, Victor's Horn, a carving of a person with a Mohawk, a fancy carving on a piece of wood that says 'I'm sorry', three throwing knives, some mangled antlers
General Inventory: More barbed arrows, engagement ring
General Wealth: Average


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None (that she knows of)
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: Normal
Energy Levels: Normal
Eating Habits: Normal
Exercise Habits: Daily
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits: Not resting
Drinking Habits: Often.

Birthplace: Unknown
Childhood: Raised by a young,
wood elf named Lu who found her crying alone in the woods when she was only a few months old. He taught her how to hunt from a very early age and treated her like a sister.
Teen Years: Lu Taught her how to fend for herself, and then he died whilst protecting her from a mountain lion.
Adulthood: Fell in love. Not going too well. Isolated herself for a while and went into denial about having emotions. Came back, felt accepted, met new people, tried to move on. Lost him, Hid in Bastion to focus on training, joined Sangria, Drama drama drama, killed a bear, uncertainty and paranoia, giving up on dream, everything falls apart so she leaves, COMES BACK, rejoining sangria, sad, the illness and melt down, Fenric, Veri drama, crushed by gryphon, recovers, the mystery of the gang, dies, comes back, pregnant, Connor, gives birth, gets engaged, takes some time away to raise her son, begins working at the Kraken, Complications, move into the attic, Quest for the lost sword!
Family History: Unknown to her.
Past Places of Residences: as below
Places Traveled: Mockingbay, Bastion, Storms Landing, Halbed, Linlea

(Thank you Spooksy_ )

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful until she/someone she cares about feels very threatened/is attacked

+Two stilettos that sheathed on either thigh.
+Hunting bow and barbed arrows,
+Sangrian crossbow
+Sangrian roundshield
+"Steadfast" Her lange messer with a red ribbon around the handle [ X ]

Combat Training: Has been training for years

Training & Skills:
Ranged Weaponry:
[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x x X x x x x x x x ]

Lange Messer:
[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x X x x x ]

Other Trivia:
Occupation: Bartender
Favorite Types of Food: Steak
Favorite Types of Drink: Whiskey
Hobbies/Pastimes: Spending time with friends, training, hunting.
Favorite Colors: Silver and Green
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Lu: He rescued her when she was only a few months old, raised her like a sister, and then died protecting her. He's the only family she's ever had. "You wanted a hero but you got a monster."

Joz: The man who was able to make her forget her past heartache. She once again fell very hard fairly fast, and then he died right in front of her, and she broke. "Ever since I lost you I've just been making mistakes."Spirit

Connor: They became so close, and she worries she ruined it all. She still looks for him when she sits in Storms Landing, but she knows he's not coming.. "I hope you're happy, Hun" Baron2537


Fenric: "Complicated." Colonelgames

Leith: Her son. He is a miracle in her eyes. She loves him dearly and will protect him with her life "Great days from here on out.. You'll see."


Linden: This one is someone she holds very dear. He supported her when she needed it most and made her laugh in times of need. She is protective of him, and she knows he's there if she ever needs him. "You're doing well for yourself, I'm glad." RagingLunacy

Veri: Despite a very complicated history, Tavia is honoured to call this woman her best friend. She's practically like family to her and one of the only people Tav will actually prioritise. "Congratulations I guess." godfather1

Kam: Her old boss, she finds her company amusing, and admittedly comforting. She appreciates that fact that Kam wont put up with her rubbish when she dishes it. "You are too damn good to me." Kamaoe

Leo: A friend. She finds him rather adorable, and amusing. He believes in her, something shes not used to. "I just hope I don't let you down. "Shankster

Friendly with:

Fronslin: An old friend. Hes paranoid and stressed and shes worried for him but still she wants to help with his plans if it means they might save the gods. Fronslin

Loose acquaintances:

Drew Swift: He helped with finding her sword, but she is a little uncomfortable after how they treated the moose. Moo_bot

Theo: She also helped, but once again was rather brash. lycana


Cymic: She knows she dislikes him a lot more than he deserves, but her confusion towards their relationship manifested in a hatred that she's too proud to ignore. Cymic_


Raven: She went from finding his company intriguing to despising him. He is messed up and she wants him gone, but for now she will refrain. "I hope I'll at least get to watch you die someday." Hadies

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