[October 6th] Hollowworld Podcast!

Who wants free stuff?!

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Greetings, Alterans!

Yes, you have indeed read the title correctly! After a short while of planning, the Hollowworld Podcast is back! Right on time too, because I know some of you were craving for it!
We're kicking it off with a Special, ladies and gentlemen! This is the Close Enough to Jazzper's Birthday special!
On top of the usual program, we will also be coming at you with something exciting! In the spirit of giving, we'll kick off this Podcast Reboot with a good ole raffle! A poll will be attached to this post, which will be used to keep track of the entries! Simply choose one of the options, and I will use it to keep track of participants! Once the poll has closed in 7 days, that's it, raffle entries are closed!
I ofcourse will not tell you what we are raffling, but it's free so who cares!

It will take place on the 6th of October at 3:30pm EST!
I will be assisted by the lovely Tiberione for this Podcast!
Our guest this time around will be the charming Kamaoe!

Do note that the Podcast is rated R of DwaRven Host, so expect a jolly good time!
See you there!
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There's no such thing as a free lunch, man.

That being said, I can't ignore the possibility of a profit standing to be made here. . . so a raffle I shall enter. Looking forward to the podcast!


is Barken
I'd like you to interview me as I discuss the situation of farmers in South Africa.
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With some additional time to fill, post any questions you want to ask myself, Tiberione or Kamaoe in this thread! Podcast will partially focus on characters!
I'll pick out a couple :)


Lord of Altera
Jazzper Do you ever feel like you should travel more Icly?
What exactly is Kamaoe (kam's) Religion If any? Or for any earthspawn typically for that matter
Tiberione Sup

Jazzper What's the most complicated thing thor has made without meta?