Deceased Odette Strand, The Mother Bear


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(Amazing art by Elz )
(Beautiful Ruulu art)
(Adorable art by Cukie1 )

General Information:
Name: Lady Odette Strand, Chieftainess Of Stoltfar

Other Names: carrots, carrot top, redhead, Od
Murdering ginger whore

Age: Somewhere in her 50s
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Tryg Strand
Current Residence: Stoltfar
Relationship Status: Tryg Strand
Occupation: Warrior, Mother, Chieftainess.

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5 ft 5
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: Pale white
Shape of Face: Heart Shaped
Scars: (working on a diagram to just put here) A scar on her left hip. Half her left forearm is fairly scarred and burnt. She has a scar running down her right cheek, across her jaw bone. Her back is also covered in scars. She has a scar down across her lips. Her stomach has a fairly big scar across it. Her right foot has a scar from her heel to her toes. There is also a deep gash across her left Palm. Her right thigh has a scar and her forehead has a small scar. Left shoulder has punctures from a wolf bite on either side. Left bicep has a large scar running across it, her right calf has a large scar going down, and she has one long scar across her back.
Build of Body: Well shaped and muscular. She has trained a lot for a long time. [X]
Hair Color: A dark orange with hints of blondes and reds. [X]
Hair Style: Down to the middle of her back, but usually worn in a low bun.
Posture: Generally very straight. Military like.
Is Seen By Others As: Rather reserved maybe a little strange.
Voice: Like Keira Knightley (she sounds like Enya when she sings)
Tattoos: a single dragon on her right arm. She tries her best to keep it covered. Half of it is covered in scars.
Her left forearm is covered in flowers from her wrist up to her elbow. [X]
A stag on her chest, above her heart [X]
Likes: Odette likes many things you would not expect a stoic woman like herself to like. She has a soft spot for Snow, an unwavering adoration for her family and those few people she calls friends, she love spending time with people she cares about. She also loves knowing she is strong, being reminded, feeling powerful.

Dislikes: Among many things she has learnt to hate in her long and arduous life, one of her biggest dislikes is people..more so strangers...But anyone she does not trust (which is almost everyone). She hates being away from her home, where she feels uncomfortable and out of place. She also, has become a very hardened soul, and therefore she is not fond of opening up and talking about feelings. She dislikes being in crowds and attending big social events where anyone could do anything.

Strengths: Odette has suffered a lot in her life, and because of this she has become very mentally strong willed, able to bounce back after trauma and stand strong again. She has an innate urge to always put the people she cares about's needs before hers and has always been very selfless. Once on her good side, she is wholeheartedly kind and caring. She is very loyal to those who she deems worthy, and will stand by them to the end. Above all this, Odette is anything but a coward. Even when she couldn't even raise a sword she would never back down from a fight. She is brave. She is a born fighter.

Weaknesses: Due to people she trusted being dishonest, it takes a lot to earn Odette's trust. She is overly paranoid of everyone, even children. She is also, very quick to anger, and it is often hard to calm her from these rages that she gets into. However, deep down inside she is still a little girl, and she is very afraid of the world after all it has done to her. Another weakness along those lines, is her defensive behaviour when it comes to being accused of being scared or being weak. She's also slightly mad...and therefore she snaps quite often and is fairly emotionally unstable. Cold. Heartless.

Fears: Though she hates people and crowds, she also hates loneliness. She cannot stand being alone and fears it greatly. She is scared of people leaving her. She also fears all sorts of bodies of water as she cannot swim and has almost drowned three times in her life. She fears horses...due to Azgir's war horse attacking her....and she fears the death of those she cares about on a constant, daily basis. After...many many bad events happening to her...she deeply fears torture...and her biggest fear of all, the one thing that thinking of alone makes her stomach churn and her skin the fear of losing her Husband...and being without her soul mate.

Values: She is one for authority, and therefore she values an individual who knows to show respect and get given respect. Loyalty is something she admires greatly in people, and one of the main reasons she so dearly loves her husband. Lies are things she does not allow...and anyone who is honest and truthful to her is a good person. She is and has always been a family oriented woman and respects those who see the value in a family and loves her own entirely. She also values love, be it from her friends, her children or her husband. She puts it above most things in life.

Education: Basic
Languages: Common
General Attitude: She is a stoic woman who can be very pessimistic or emotionless, except when it comes to her family and friends.
General Sociability: Avoids people as much as she can.

Current thoughts:
"Onwards and upwards."

Short Term Goals:
-Get herself together (Has accepted this will never happen)
-Make him happy

Long Term Goals:
-Make him happy.
-Family life.
-Protect those she holds dear.

She often wears her armour which consists of a cuirass, tassets, bracers, greaves and spaulders, all made of thick leather. (Seeking repair)

When not wearing this she is often seen sporting training gear or donning casual clothing fit for the cold is very rare to see her in a dress.

Jewelry: A single delicate golden chain around her right wrist.(Always worn) Her new, unique engagement ring. (Always worn)

Owned Homes: Her home in Stoltfar

Carried Inventory: She carries a cloak for cold weather, bandages, her weapons, a little notebook filled with notes about plans for stoltfar, and at the back of that notebook are folded up parchments including a child's drawing of Odette and Orvar on a boat, a child's drawing of a crimson rose, a child's drawing of stoltfar, a child's drawing of the Strands and the note she wrote herself after she got shot in Riseport.

Pets: Carrots the husky

Illnesses: If Odette lived in current day times, she would probably be diagnosed with severe depression.
Allergies: None
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: Normal (for once )
Energy Levels: Medium
Eating Habits: average
Exercise Habits: Trains a lot.
Memory: Very good
Unhealthy Habits: None
Drinking Habits: Often

Peaceful or violent: Pretty violent.

Ruckus' Hanger
A dagger from Althalos
Her new badass war axe
A crudely made maul

Combat Training: She is a Warrior, she is fairly well trained and has been training for ten years.​


[x x x x x x X x x]

War Axe:
[x x x x x x x x X x]

[x x x x X x x x x x]

[x x x x x x X x x x]

[x x x x x X x x x x]

[x x x x x x x x X x]

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[x X x x x x x x x x]

[x x x x x x x x X x]


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~Born to a single mother in Katch
~Becomes a handmaid for the prince in the castle
~Falls in love with the prince.
~Mother dies
~Brothers leave her alone for their new families
~Prince marries someone else
~Runs away
~Meets Josh, Storm, Tryg and Wulf
~Falls for Wulf
~Moves to Riseport with Wulf
~Meets Nia, Ansgar, Nylarii, Themis, Kieril, Samia and Ava
~Gets engaged to Wulf
~Pregnancy numero uno
~The Storm Murder Fiasco
~Loses child
~Kills Kieril
~Becomes a stoic, badass guard.
~Finds out truth about the Storm Murder Fiasco
~Wulf Returns to take her to Stormhold
~Looks after Orvar
~Pregnancy Numero Dos
~Wulf goes to Eventine
~Kieril comes back
~Meets Ronn (strange times)
~Goes to Eventine
~Brothers die
~Loses child
~Leaves Wulf
~Kidnapped and beat in Katch
~Escapes with less hair
~Kidnapped and beat in Avignon
~Decides to find Tryg and live in Vinterhavn
~Ronn offers his services
~Meets THE PACK (*wolf howl*)
~Falls for Ronn
~Wulf dies
~Evacuation to Aeroch Nor
~Gets engaged to Ronn
~Jared attacks her and Ronn kicks him off the bridge.
~Makes up with Ava
~Rob captures her
~Deep depression
~Voyage to the new lands
~Camp Norman Drama
~Kidnapped by bandits, almost dies.
~Crazy drugging drama
~The choice
~Going North
~Almost hanged
~Ronn goes missing
~Forgiving Nia (gradually)
~Losing her mind trying to find Ronn.
~Almost dies yet again due to Rigmor
~Mockingbay drives her insane.
~Realises her feelings for Tryg
~Moving to Stoltfar
~Pregnancy Numero tres
~Oh also gets attacked and bitten by wolf
~Gets engaged to Tryg
~The truth revealed
~Baby Eleanor is born!
~Remembering the world is a horrid place.
~Marries Tryg!
~Stress, stress stress
~Ellie is attacked by a wolf.
~Almost runs away...
~Carlos kidnapping drama
~New tattoo
~More Arianne
~The attacks on Stoltfar
~More Ari
~The final battle
~Enjoying a quiet life for once

Important Relations

Eternal flame:
Tryg Strand."Words cannot explain the love I feel for you, and always will. Theres nothing we cant overcome together" godfather1

The Final Few:
Theo: "Longest lasting friend. Loyal citizen." Edouard2000

Diamond:"It was good to see you again." mokwar

Segar: "I love you, son. More than you know. JustTooRadical

Eleanor: "My dearest daughter, I love you too." LordCreepington

Kharn: "You'll always be my good friend, no matter my jokes" Warwolf

Carlos: "I will assure your safety...and if not, there will be hell to pay"MrMine


Ronn Mcbryde SirLuamTehDoge
Arianne BobDdoss
The Northern Raiders




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This will be Art and Reference images because I have a few...for now this
From the glorious Michcat
Odette isbadass oml.png
From the wonderful Vesryn
Odettteee.jpg odeteeeayyy.jpgIMG_0762.JPGIMG_0782.JPG
Unknown artists..just look like her..
Odetteismylove.png Anodettefull.png
And these are mine​
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Mega journal since it's the first on my new thread, will do some updates soon too.

A question of sanity.

Odette's hands clenched into tight fists, her arms tensing, and then relaxed. She did this four or five times before realising it, and trying to stop. Such a strange habit. She glared into the fire, watching the flame flicker and dance wildly. Alone in the great hall, her mind was ever wondering. It led her to far off places in the back of her mind, to deep dark secrets, pitch black nights, days without sun and blood stained clothes.
These images were all too vivid in her mind, but for once they did not overwhelm her. Indeed, she did often think of the past. Despite telling herself, and being told, that it was useless to dwell on things one could no longer change, she continued to do so. However, she did brood over the present as well.
Chiefly, she thought of her family. Her two wonderful children, Ellie's laughter, Segar's adamancy. The halvstrands, sensitive little Carlos, and caring Sister Ari. Primarily, of course, she thought of her husband, the Chieftan of Stoltfar, the one person she trusted completely and entirely, who could calm her in her darkest hours and comfort her in her moments of need. Like a tamed viper, she coiled herself around him, awaiting any chance to strike at his enemies...though, perhaps not as tame as he would prefer, yet he loved her entirely anyway, and she was ever grateful for that.
In recent months, she also thought of the dead. After losing her brother, Althalos, and then almost losing her sister, Arianne, it became very apparent to her that she could not protect everyone. It stung her to her very core. The idea that the work she had done, the training, the battling, the perseverance, in attempt to be strong enough to keep those she loved safe was practically all useless made her feel unbelievable anguish. However that did not turn her away from trying even harder.
As a young woman, Odette was nothing more than a handmaid. She served, and received little in return. She had believed that would be her entire future, waiting nobles on hand and foot. Now she was in charge. A Chieftainess. Protecting and helping lead the people of a town she and Tryg built up from the ground themselves. People looked up to her. They respected her.
And with such respect came more anxiety. She had to try harder to keep everyone safe and happy. She had to be the best mother, the best wife, and a good leader. She had to keep her head straight, something that was becoming increasingly difficult...It was these days she questioned her sanity. Whether she was really normal and if not, how abnormal was she? Either way...she knew she would continue to stand tall. For once, there was a reason behind her fight, there was a force behind her battle.
She would not be made out to be the fool she had been before. No one would think twice about taking advantage of or stepping all over "Little" Odette. To her, the past was coming to an end. It was the end of her impulsive, unstable and disfunctional behaviour. The end of the shadowy, overwhelming sense of self doubt and self loathing and fear....

...but we all know you can't run from your shadow.​


Lord of Altera
Many updates in brown. Odette is on a whole new level of stress. Let's see how long it takes for her to snap!