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If hollowworld was a movie based on altera, that'd be a kind of cool basis
In all seriousness though, Vorar's the only one known to exist. Original prototype model, with different chassis designed but never implemented, until Vorar was able to upgrade its own prototype/blank frame to the Crafter designation.

There was also Builder, Soldier, and Caster, which I chose to forgo.

Builder would have even thicker limbs and moderate armor, and extendo-limbs.

Soldier had the strongest armor of any chassis, as well as an extending, rotating sword on one arm.

Mage had terri-weak armor and would slow Vorar down from the added weight of the technomagical equipment, but would allow him to redirect energy to perform evocation magic like Legion the magus did.

The Crafter frame I chose provided heightened dexterity and multi-tool limbs. That's about it. Lucky lucky Altera.


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It has been a long time since I've looked at this, but I adore some of the questions/answers/information that's been put in. Good to see some of the information reinforced!:D


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Did we ever settle what redstone is and how it works? I remember us (a couple of folks in staff in the long years ago) about it possibly being magnetic with some sort of charge that flipped. How /does/ it work?


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Hey folks- I’ve been getting more questions in discord lately and wanted to let people know to ask general questions here! You may get answers earlier by other staff or players familiar with the lore. Thank you!