OmegaDonkey Rewhitelist [Declined-Ayda]


Lord of Altera
1. What is your Minecraft username?

2. How old are you?
22 now, fair Hollowworld

3. What country are you from?
United States

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?
I have read the Queen's Law, are you telling me there's a King now?

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Both really bad, tools used by evil demons

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
No, but I will post a screen shot in a few months, and accidentally show off my X-Ray

7. Name one of our current Mentors.

8. Tell us about yourself!
My old account name, had been Megadonkey30, uh.. I'm a pretty cool person, and I hate applications.

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
I certainly do.

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
I uh.. forgot how I learned of Hollowworld for the first time.... uh, google? wait, did we have google back than? D:

Character Name:
Harateth "Magnus" Arcturus du Lavoyard

Character Age:

Character Race:

Fair tanned skin, bringing into question of the families aged old desert heritage, blackened hair, and light, but dark blue, a hint of strange violet ever sparkling in the young one's eyes.

(Optional) Picture of the Skin:

Written Test!

I actually never learned how to write.


The Cinnamon Roll
Staff member
Hello and welcome back to HW.

As entertaining as your whitelist is, there are things that are incorrect that must be addressed before you are rewhistlisted.

  • Powergaming and metagaming are not present.
  • There is no written test.
  • Please put yes or no on question 4.
Fix these things, and we can move forward.


The Cinnamon Roll
Staff member
This is being declined for inactivity. You are free to reapply at a later time, though do please take the whitelist application more seriously next time.