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[Open] The Ralotumals are looking for Players


Survivor of Five Rivers
Me and Ayda are looking for people to play our siblings or parents in the Ralotumal Family. You are free to add your own twist to a character, however the name and appearance are set in stone, unless talked to with Ayda or I.

If you have any questions regarding the lore of the Moor Elves and what is allowed and what's not, please let Cukie1 know if you have questions! :heart:

EDIT: There are no skins for these characters yet, so you'd have to make your own or ask someone to make it for you. If you are interested in playing a character, please make a conversation on the forum with me and Ayda

Family Loyalty.
Be able to get along with everyone in the family.
At least be partially active.
If the requirements can't be met, as few as there are, the character will be returned.


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The Cinnamon Roll
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Well he does have experience ruining his own family...

that aside, I'm not sure if Emeric will be able to handle suddenly having so many family members, the nerd's gonna have to hide in his books more
*Azariah drags him out from his books by his ear* YOU MEET YOUR UNCLES AND AUNTS THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD UNTIL TODAY!