[Organization] Ruby Isle Academy


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Rules and Handbook
  1. All members must avoid violence or violent contact in or outside of the Academy grounds. Known violent/hostile people will not be tolerated. (Acts of self-defence do not count. There may be exceptions to the rule if they can keep controlled.)
  2. Political neutrality is required. No one can commit to political shenanigans in the name of the Academy or its employees. [This doesn't mean you can't be from a political party, but you cannot associate the Academy with anything involving political ground. This includes recruiting during it's activities or on the soil.]
  3. The Sisterhood, along with Priests and Priestesses of Shalherana are to be respected and seen as friends.
  4. You shall aid the injured, regardless of personal, political, or any sort of preventative thought.
  5. Promote health and general well being.
  6. Keep clean, for the love of the Gods, keep clean.
  7. Respect the doctrine of Silas. Do not turn down any student.
  8. Dress appropriately while in school grounds. If you do not respect this you will be given a robe or will be sent home.
  9. The teacher is to be respected, even if they're wrong. If you have doubts with what they say, bring it up in a respectful tone.
  10. The Academy has every right to kick out students for academics failure. If you do not show the promise, you can be removed to give room for another or be given private tutoring if it's believed it will help.
  • Tol'fen'ke Lillium Shink’maho; Administrator
  • Tol'fen'ko Rystel Shink'maho; Administrator
  • Groundskeep
  • Teachers
  • Professors
    • The standard attendants for those needing educational aid. Listed professors can also be available to teach, though those wishing to learn in an apprenticeship must seek out the Administrator beforehand.
  • Apprentices
    • Students within the academy. They are required to assist the proffesors along with taking care of daily tasks. They should meet with the Administrator every month to evaluate their progress.
  • Assitants
    • Those that wish to become Apprentices. They complete daily tasks within the Academy.
  • Language Courses
    • Common
    • Elven
    • Mok'yra [Reserved for the young Moors only]
    • Lavoyarde
  • Alchemy
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Care
  • Anatomy And Physiology
  • Herbology
  • Medicine
  • War Medicine
  • Falconry
  • Religion
    • Rahas
    • Shalherana
  • Mathematics
  • Calligraphy
  • Architecture
  • History
    • Dwarven
  • Housing is provided by the school and Lillium, herself
  • There are private dormitories for the students of the Academy, should they wish to be stay.
  • Dormitories will include a cafeteria, laundry, bathing, social areas, along with the bedrooms.
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How To Join

+Approach any current workers of the Hospital and request to speak with Tol’fen’ke Lillium Hal’Shink’maho.
Send an in-game letter expressing your wish to aid the hospital.
Fill out this OOC form, post it on the thread. Such will be considered an IC letter.

Character Name:
Character Age:
Past experience?:
Do you wash your hands:
Political Affiliation:
What position do you seek?:

Aristos Damascus - CatalystGaming
Arianne Niamh - Bobert
Gael Dugald - Scardrac
Jaspis G. Azerwind - Kamaoe
Ciaran - Icanra
Ventare Seymor - ShaolinPunk
Tourmaline Azerwind - Ruulu
Iskvandar Mol'Alighieri - Vincentius
Zark'ses - BrianAT16
Lilith Sazil'Hexe - Arcana
Enania Yesfina - Asirel Luik
Albion Godfrey - Paint
Emeric - CyberChaosV2
Alistair - Halendar
Vaylin - Sophe

Velatha Yinjeon - Asirel Luik
Elion Myosotis - Maestroart
Kethron Dramagn - Heie
Tehlar - TheRealNoahH
Ithil Xantrani - Solar
Merdon - TheNerdatron
Argyros - Damascus
Benjamin - Deathmoron
Posey - Catena
Bet - Lizardpatio
Bliss McGuffin - RagingLunacy
Maria Wreqdos xItsToxicz

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Expeditions and Research
The Hospital is always in search of knowledge of the world and how to harness it's elements without disrupting the cycle of Shalherana. Because of this reason, the hospital is willing to encourage research trips to various locations, with the written consent of the town leaders.
Rules of the Expeditions
1. You are to listen to the guide, without question. They know the terrain better than you will.
2. The town leader has every right to deny people they do not wish in their lands. We cannot force them to accept people they do not like.
3. If the guide says you cannot take any samples with you, yet are allowed to research at the location in question, you cannot move the sample.
4. The town leader is at full discretion once the papers are signed. The Academy is only responsible for sickness or non-self-harm. If you fall in a pit and saw the pit, you're on your own.
5. (Will eventually add to this later)

Areas for Planned Expeditions
(If you wish for your region to be here, just boop and we'll add to the list, along with planned RP)

Contracts and Forging of Research Papers
To forge and otherwise illegitimate the research is extremely frowned upon. If such is found out, the law of Shink'maho along with the Law of the town you wished to "research" shall decide what to do with you. You will thus be kicked from the academy and be branded a criminal.
(There will be a new code word for every expedition, which will only be public upon Lillium signing the independent papers. The code word will be in the knowledge of the region owner and myself to avoid any possible Metagaming regarding such.)
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Locations and places where the physicians and medics along with students can practice their trade.

Name: Victor Kane Memorial Hospital
Location: Natri'Evar
Open Positions: Nurses, Medics, Teachers, Researchers

Owner/Headmaster: Lillium Hal'Shink'maho

Lead Physician
-Lillium Hal'Shink'maho
Emergency Care
Surgery Halls
Mortuary [Limited Access]
Basic Rooms
Herbology Laboratories
Surgical Laboratories
Medicine Cabinets [Limited Access]
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Thread is being overhauled into a formal organization thread, since there's more than one hospital


Lord of Altera
IGN: BobDdoss
Character Name: Arianne Niamh
Character Age: 74
Past experience with doctor work: Basic first aid skills, and herbology.
Do you wash your hands: Yes.
Political Affiliation: Favorable towards Hawklight, but other than that. Neutral.
What position do you seek?: Possible assistant or researcher, but whatever needed is fine.


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Violent like, enjoying sparring and training with weaponry or violent like attempting to fight people for no reason/always resorting to your weapons for little things.
The latter. If they just fight in spars and duels with rules and regulations (along with acknowledging honor codes) it's fine. Being violent for the sake of violence is not allowed in the Academy.


Legend of Altera
IGN: CatalystGaming
Character Name: Aristos Damascus
Character Age: 23
Past experience with doctor work:
Learned herbalism from a young age, and has trained under an experienced Doctor for the last number of months. Proficient in healing and experienced with alchemy. Has worked as a travelling scholar and doctor for some time now, generally helping minor ails in towns.
Do you wash your hands:
Do You wash Your hands?!
Political Affiliation:
None beyond a dislike of Nobles, a particular dislike of Anhald and a fondness for Amalfia.
What position do you seek?:
To train in alchemy and healing further.