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While I am working to building my own region that connects two of my characters plots, I am writing the interacts between them that sort of sets up the start to the regions origin and what has made Clyde decide to make this sort of closed off community. These will not be in any sort of order and sort of just comes together as I work on it. Currently the story is PG but later down the line there may be a couple more violent stories.

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-The Shopkeeper and The Elf-

Theodosia worked in her shop like any other day. In her hands, she feverishly was recording her stock and items since she had just gotten her new shipment in. Over the sounds of birds cawing and squawking came a few hoots from the normal. After weeks of tracking down and locating the animals and supplies needed for an odd request, today was the day that the customer was meant to pick up his things. After dropping her pencil and growling to herself, she reached for it only to stop midway when the birds had gone silent. Quickly she found herself, stumbling up and heading up the stairs where a light haired elf stood, wearing rather decorative clothing. His blue piercing eyes slowly scanned around he shop as he kept himself busy, not yet paying attention to the shop owner. His hands slowly caressed the skull on the counter, taking careful movements as he dare not disturb anything but the dust that had settled.Theodosia felt her breath hitch as he glanced to her, locking eyes and looking through her. She gulped and clinched her journal tighter.

“Hello sir, w-what can I help you with today” She said, trying to seem outgoing and professional.
“I had an order to pick up.” He said, in a soothing voice, letting his hand trail away from the skull he had interest in as he walked to the center of the counter.
“S-Sure thing! If you tell me your name and order number I can get right to it!”
“My name is Clyde Remming, I hadn’t heard back from you so I am unsure if I have a number.”
“Oh! Clyde, I thought I sent your letter and confirmation when I sent in the others…”
“Strange,” He said, shifting in his place. “I never got one, but maybe you should um…” He pointed to the bird perch where a blue parrot had ripped up a few papers for it’s own next. “Keep a better look out for things.”like paper around that one.”
Theo gulped and sighed as she looked over to the bird.”Damn it Daxter…” she sighed out under breath.” Sorry about that but I got your order just wrapped up today. It’s um… an odd order, never had to track down owls before.” She flipped through a few papers, pulling out a few and sliding them across the counter. She quickly grabbed a cage containing a gray small owl with orange eyes.
“Thank you, not many people can even locate, let alone cage these guys. I’ve been dreaming of learning more about this species.” Clyde smiled, taking his coat of and slipping it over the cage. “Poor thing is probably scared of everything right now…”
“Well, here are your things, All that is left is payment and loading.”
“Payment-” Clyde said dropping a large pouch of coins on the counter. “And I have a wagon outside for the rest of the things. I’ll have a worker load them up as soon as you can.”
“Things are all ready for you to go. Items are down by the dock and I’ll count the coins later but, and if the payment isn’t correct then-”
“Then you’ll hunt me down?” he chimed with a smirk, going to hold the cage.
“You got it.” She chuckled, placing a hand on the counter.
“Well, I’ll be off.” Clyde moved to turn away, only to stop at the door and turn around slowly as to not startle the bird in his arms. “Say, Theodosia? Is this really where you want to be in life?”
Theo felt her breath hitch once more “Not entirely but, I have to make a living somehow…”
“What if I could change that? I am working on a place of sorts to help people discover their talents and work forwards to humanity. You caught my eye with your skills but, since I just started with Avurkora, I do not have many people helping me. I want you to help me build my dream. You can run your store from there and do whatever you wish to help us.”
“I will think on it… you are asking alot of a tiny caparii.”
“A caparii I believe who may help me. Well, I’ll take my leave then…”

Like that, he was gone, leaving Theodosia to herself and her thoughts. She bit her lip, taking in a view of her shop. Her heart fell when she finally let her surroundings settle. This wasn’t her, she never wanted to be stuck running a shop and barely getting by each month. The girl dropped everything and ran out, swinging on the doorway as she looked about before spotting his white hair.
“CLYDE!” She yelled out, running to him only for her to slip and fall into his back, nearly causing the tall elf to drop the cage if only he had less of a grip.
“Careful!” He shouted, hugging the cage to his chest as Theo stood up and dusted herself off.
“I want to help, I’m not meant to be running some store, stuck smelling like fish! Clyde, let me help please…”
“I’m glad to hear you jump onto this opportunity. Once we have a place set up for you, I’ll send a wagon for your things and you until then,we may not speak much but be confident in me. Until that day, farewell Theodosia.” like that he had left again.
Theodosia blinked as she was left there on the street alone before making her way back to her building. She looked about, a mixed expression on her face as she sighed and paced about. The caparii bit her tongue as she picked up the skull he had been touching, one of her first items she had gotten through a shady seller. She loved it.
Maybe this was for the best, she thought, setting it back down as she closed up for the day and retired to bed early.

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