[Orphanage & School] Orphanage and School of the Sun


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This is clearly just a place where they turn orphans into assassins....

I'm onto you, Cukie.


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This is clearly just a place where they turn orphans into assassins....

I'm onto you, Cukie.

Requisites for adoption
1. One must own a home.
2. One must be caring for the child.
3. If the child is harmed, under their watch, they may be taken back, given circumstances.
4. One must be able to dedicate time to the child.
5. No orphan assassins.


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Forum name: CloakedReaper
IGN: CloakedReaper
Character Name: Jaden Seeker
Race: Human
Nobility: ...pffffff
Reason for Joining: He likes kids, and for some reason kids are not repelled by his hobo-like appearance.
Extra: Can teach things ranging from survival and self defense to a few languages.


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Forum name: Arcana
Character Name: Lucifer. [Um, excuse the edgy name c:]
Race: Elven
Nobility: Nope.
Reason for Joining: He needs somewhere to live as of now before he is, or if he's adopted, and would also likely take some classes.
Extra: Nope!


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Question. Is there much RP between the Orphans?
There should be. You can always message me if you wish, but the ones that have those orphan characters are either out of my time zone or were busy with our mains.


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Forum name: Raykaystar
IGN: AgentDaisy5 or Raykaystar. But right now I think it's AgentDaisy5
Character Name: Beatrice
Race: Silver Elven
Nobility: No
Reason for Joining: she is an orphan with no family or shelter so this looks like a good place.
Extra: Right now, she's currently living at the Crossroads, taking books from the Libaray and reading a ton. She has a pet bird named Berkley so if you need to find her she will most likely be at the crossroads.

Here her profile if you need it!


Thanks! :heart:


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Forum name: CyberChaosV2
IGN: Chaosdragon240
Character Name: Roy Beledrent
Race: Hooman
Nobility: am filthy peasant hooman
Reason for Joining: would like to spread information about Smithing as well as the neutrality that Korog teaches
Extra:willing to teach about the Feesh if necessary