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Acriter et Fideliter
Fiercely and Faithfully

Otto von Gottfried

Full Titles:
+Graf of Flanderburg
+Squire to Duke Charles Kane
+Sergeant of the Mistwatch


Currently, Otto is recovering from a multitude of wounds from his encounters in the south cavern. Due to such, his ability to travel is limited and he cannot do much of physically regarding activity.


"To each of us falls a task, and all the Kaiser requires of us Soldiers is that we stand the line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best - we die standing."

Winters Old



Social Status:
Lowborn - Acquired Nobility recently granted the Land and Titles of Flanderberg.



120 lbs

Date of Birth:
Exactly 15 summers ago.

Date of Death:
None, this is a One-life character.

A small hut outside the fortress of Oren.

Current Home:
Flanderberg/Miltia Armoury in Linlea

"Follow me if I advance, kill me if I retreat, avenge me if I die."
Otto's Build has developed much more as his status and friendships have grown. Unlike previously, he rarely misses a meal unless traveling or marching- That mixed with heavy physical combat training his caused him to grow a more defined and stronger form.

Black and Wavy.


Depends on the season, in the winter his skin stays rather pale from staying inside, during the other months, he usually has a tan to his skin from larboring outside.

Identifying Marks:

Otto's appearance matches with the 'ideal' appearance of the Anhalder race, matching similarly to the physical traits of the royal family. His hair is wild with selections of curl of raven color. His is thin and sharp, his jawline is sturdy and defined, his cheekbones are visibly high, followed with piercing eyes of a dull dark blue. Otto's body language swifts between two dominant forms; Usually Otto's appearance around his Lords and Commanders is one of a 'ready' stance, constantly holding firm in place and keeping a eye aware of surrounds and waiting further command. However, when 'off-duty' Otto's body language comes off cocky, an amused smirk usually planted on his face.

+Doublet of a dull dark brown colour, followed with light coloured undershirt and sleeves. Upon his shoulders a hooded cloak is often worn, made of warm and thick wools.


Prized Possessions:
+ Small, poorly made wooden Knight.
+ Stone Women, made for him by Arianne, he treats it as a symbol of Ignis.
+ His Warpick, Given to him by Kasierin Josephine. [X]

+ His Ignis pendent, made by Arike. [X] Given to Fleur
+Longsword given to him by Joseph, since corroded and unusable.

Much better then before, Otto is living in conditions that are both supplied with clean water, and rather well made and maintained; Far better then the huts he was use to.



"A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt."

+Naturally gifted fighter- Especially with the sword.
+Keen military mind

+Wrath of God


Not all that great, read above for reason why.

+Rede [Mother language]



"Strike fast and suddenly. Attack without warning. Secure victory before the foe is aware of his danger. Remember always, a war is easily won if your enemy does not know he is fighting."

Instead of making one large paragraph of information on what I want his personality to be, instead I'm going to keep track off what he is taught until he reaches 15 years old, and then write his personality off what he was influenced/taught, a plus sign symbolizes what he has gained and a minus sign is what he has lost in a sense.

+Loyalty of Nation
+Loyalty to his Kaiser
+Fear of God

-Not to Lie. Ever.
+Taught that he has Talent.
-Otto has developed a hard time processing his mistakes and moving past them.

Religion or Cults:
God (Ignis)


Short Term Goals:
+Train with his Sword.

Long Term Goals:
+Earn his Knighthood.

''Who told you to die? Keep fighting!"

Forests and Coast of the Varyn Lands.

Sparring and Training

Anything aside from the usual stews or rye breads.

Cow’s Milk



Least Favourite...

Storm's Landing


Rye Bread




Father: Berndt Eberhall, Podric Flanders, Maceo de Courtnay, Duc Henri Bayard, or maybe Albion von Godfrey.
Mother: Alys
Sisters: None
Brothers: None.

"Victory by any means!"
Peaceful or violent:
Violent- Yet controlled, Otto follows his orders and is not often one to fall for misguided violent outbursts or actions; The boy has been taught to think before he strikes, and not to act on his impulses, the fight, is to a play a game of chess.

Otto is versed currently in the styles and stances of using the Longsword, the way he is taught is similar to the way someone handles an rapier, but with two hands on his sword instead of one; Due to his size he lacks strength, and focuses on his foot work and quick subtle strikes.

Combat Training:
His training follows that of what we know from history as the German and Italian styles of Longsword fencing, forcing on stance, parry, and quick motions.

Current Training Log: 7 Hours


Otto was born to Anhalder parents, Audric, his father, and his mother Alys. He was raised in a small farming hamlet in the realm of Anhald, he cannot recall exactly where, but known it was somehow near to where the Count Varyn had ruled. His father was a hunter and his mother use to sew together clothes for the people of the village. Otto was raised to be a firm follower of God and was often taken on long journeys to Queen’s Port to view the Church in the city. Most of his life was rather normal for a person of his social class, he would help his father gather goods in the forest somedays, and on other days he would help his mother with her duties.

However, this life never took away from his imagination and dreams; The Boy would hear tales of the heroes and figures of Anhald, at a young age he could recount the stories of Kaiser Peter Hallon the Great and his sons, Prince Edmund and Arthur; He would hear tale of the heroes of the Undead Wars, and the legendary knights of that time. Otto would often, after his chores were completed, meet in time with his the other young lads in the village, the boys would duel with sticks and make fake conquests and glory for themselves; Otto dreamed of Knighthood, and when asked, would proudly proclaim that he wanted to be a Knight when he was older, often to the amusement of whomever asked him.

When the death of Kaiser Peter become known, and the realm of Anhald became to split and fall apart, the land which Otto and his family had lived became wild and without ruler, this chaos not only took the live of Audric, but also forced Otto and his mother to move south, within the borders of Varyn; They moved into a small hut, where she kept sewing and maintaining a small garden, with the help of Otto. He became more curious of the Fortress of Oren, which was a mere stone’s throw away. The stronghold was a curious sight, but also one that scared him, he watched groups of soldiers depart, and even watched foreign traders pass through on the way to Queen’s Port. He started to grow more adventurous and much to the distaste of his mother, became to make frequent trips to explore there… Where he caught the first glimpse of real Knights.

My in-game name is: ShadowAdmin

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Joseph (JoeJoe ): "Brother!" The easiest way to describe the relation shared between Otto and Joseph is simply brother. Joseph was one of the first Otto met after he ventured away from home, in a odd act of fate, he became the man Otto saw as his own blood. He values Joseph as a mentor, for teaching him for many years now, and helping him become what he has now. Once his injuries are healed, Otto wishes to beat him in a spar- Which he knows he can.

Sir Podric Flanders (Luam ): "Mentor, Advisor." Otto owes everything to Podric, between his lands and titles, and much more then that. Otto sees him as a mentor, and hopes to use that guidance to benefit the whole realm. Otto wishes to help with his endeavors with the church, whenever he may need it.

Jaden Seeker (CloakedReaper ): "Stern, Mentor." Sometimes Otto isn't sure if Jaden is all that fond of him, then he remembers the tales and stories Joseph and other Ranger's recruits and understands that his hard shell is his way of training his people to be the best they can be- Otto hopes he considers him one of those people. Otto also considers Jaden a strong mentor beside Podric, and looks to him for advice and guidance; He doesn't wish to disappoint.

Sonnensbischof Maceo de Courtnay (BoredBrit ): Otto finds himself scared of many noble men, but this is not the case for the Bishop; Otto respects him and feels a bit more comfortable speaking with him, as he is a priest, and his father said priests were good men. Otto looks forward to his baptism.

Sir Gael von Dugald (Scardrac ): Otto considers himself lucky to have the chance to have another mentor once Sir Jamie stepped down from his position, Otto knows some boys don't get that chance. He has heard of Gael from both Joseph and Jaden hearing much of his repetition, Otto hopes to make him proud.

Duke Charles Kane (Lannis ): Otto has always been quite fond of Charles and enjoyed serving with him before the plague started; Now, Otto looks up to him in a different sense, as a leader for the Empire. Otto has the desire to be considered useful to the realm, and wishes to find a way to convince Charles of the same- "I will not allow my people to fall again."


Garen (Jak ): The other only boy of Otto's age, They've developed a good friendship; Otto hopes to see more of his friend, and train with him.

Elizabeth Kane (NIAH ): Otto has pleasant memories of speaking to her before, but at their last meeting he thought she seemed to be less fond of him, or perhaps very concerned with the current issues; He understands the caution and doesn't take it personally. Perhaps he will have to prove himself to her, and is willing to do that at any cost.

Marksgrafin Arianne (Rossu): He has learned a bit of Common from Arianne and is thankful for that, however, he finds it a bit odd that the Kaiser named an Elf as a Marksgrafin, but that aside, he finds her to be a decent person.

Arike Łyssain (Raphael Payne ): Otto finds the man to be.. Different then what he is use to encountering; Never has he met a man so willing to praise war as his god, therefore, Otto wishes to challenge the man to a duel, to see if he can fight like his god.

Lady Raalvara (Raal ): Otto finds himself fond of his former Neighbor, and hopes they can become friends, and that both of them survives past this plague. He knows God has a plan for her, whatever that may be, he will be ready to help- But he doubts she will need it.

Kitrana (French Roast ): Otto knows little of the Dame, yet he has seen her many times fighting the Blight on the front lines, therefore, he has a respect for her similar to what a solider has for his fellow soldiers. He is curious to know her a bit better once the Blight is over.


Unsure of:

Wary of:
Sophia (Jinny ): "Unity is Strength, Strength is Victory." Otto is trying with all his might to ignore the past negative experiences and sour feelings he has towards Sophia- And try to remain somewhat civil. He believes that "Burying the Hatchet" for now is the best he can do to help forward the advance on the threats to the realm; As it stands now, such personal matters doing nothing more then doom the morale of the Milita.

Afraid of:
The Dragon

The Plague.
The Fall



Alys (Mother): Respect. Warmth. Guidance.

Audric (Father): Missed. Gone. Heaven.

Saint Mathieu (BoredBrit ): While Maceo was convinced Otto for a long time that he was doomed to hell for the rest of his life- Otto finds himself missing his guidance and faith- Something which are both needed in this world. Otto hopes to help Podric restore the faith once more, in Maceo's name.

Overall Length: 46 1/4"
Blade Length: 36 3/8"
Weight: 3 Ib 5.5 Oz
Point of Balance: 3 1/4

Oakshott XVlllb

Overall Length: 17"
Blade Length: 12"
Weight: 15.9 oz
Point of Balance: 1 1/2"

Flailed Mace:
Overall Length: 27"
Weight: 2 Ib

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