Finished Path of Prosperity - I


Lord of Altera

With a loud creak the spruce wooden doors of the dimly lit cathedral had finally opened. Cheers erupted from the many citizens and soldiers of Halbed, imposing their collective voice over the tall stone walls of the capital. Flooding into the warm structure to give their faith to Him of Luck. With the erection of such an ornate place of worship truly fit for the God of Fortune comes the New Church of Jax... But whispers travel about the town of there being more to it than recurring congregations. Much more, word travels south of those looking for adventure. Treasure hunters, adventurers, gamblers and fools alike- Any who truly indulge in Jax and seek to grasp their own destiny and strike it filthy rich.

What: Sermon, and exposition for a chain of events. Show up to learn more.
Where: Halbed, Jax cathedral on the West side, outside of walls.
When: Wednesday, 5 PM EST
Lannis Elz
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