Path of Prosperity Overview


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"You shall resist temptations of blinding greed" - Tenants of Jax

The Path of Prosperity is the great and many tribulations meant to condition the followers of Jax, and the curious alike. The event chains are fully built dungeons tailored to the events, with backstory and full of interaction. It is through the Path that one may be lead to great fortune, experience, greed, or death. Any man or woman with an affinity towards Jax and a sense of adventure is urged to join the Fortune Runners in these affairs. Below is a list of all the past and/or upcoming events that has to do with the Path of Prosperity campaign, which is to be heavily Jax orientated. PM Cymic_ (me) if you wish to be placed into a reserved list for upcoming events.

Event Listings:
{Completed} Path of Prosperity: Opportunity - With a loud creak the spruce wooden doors of the dimly lit cathedral had finally opened. Cheers erupted from the many citizens and soldiers of Halbed, imposing their collective voice over the tall stone walls of the capital. Flooding into the warm structure to give their faith to Him of Luck. With the erection of such an ornate place of worship truly fit for the God of Fortune comes the New Church of Jax... But whispers travel about the town of there being more to it than recurring congregations. Much more, word travels south of those looking for adventure. Treasure hunters, adventurers, gamblers and fools alike- Any who truly indulge in Jax and seek to grasp their own destiny and strike it filthy rich.

{Completed} Path of Prosperity I: Ruins of Stungstone - Deep into the mainland of snow and snare, the only music of Stungstone is the wind whipping at your ears. A once flourishing town devout to a patron-god, Jax, turned to rubble and rust. Left to us, a place of pilgrimage and curiosity to be explored."


{Completed} Path of Prosperity II: Unto Depths - Over the waves and icy waters is a trench full of adventure and treasure. Having come into rumor of the location of a store of treasure, the Fortune Runners invite any who worship Jax to their party to worship and hunt this bounty from the sea with them. Agnar Freyr, the Gold Paladin will also be scouting for new members of the Fortune Runners. If you’ve a heart for gold, and a love of Jax, you’ll be welcome to join us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

{Completed} Path of Prosperity III: Heist of Dune - To thieve from the thieves.. Agnar Freyr has brought all of the Fortune Runners and followers of Jax alike together for a very dangerous task. A heist, of sorts. Southwest of Wise territory lies the forbidden lands, the waste bin for criminals, sent off to die for their crimes. Together, in the hearth surrounded by flowing water is the small town in which they thrive, the town of Dune.. Within Dune lay a great figurehead of treasure.

{Upcoming} Path of Prosperity IV: After Party - Jax's favored, and all of the faithful- Those who have given Him worship, in forms beyond prayer and beyond thought. Seeking out ancient ruins, sunken treasure-- These are the lads and lasses who will congregate under Halbed's Cathedral. We will gather to bear witness, to pay our debt back to Jax for the treasures we have earned and scarcely escaped with, thanks to Jax's good fortune guiding our adventures. We will drink our drinks and lay our eyes on the treasures that we've amassed. Those invited are urged to bring something of great value to them, or otherwise monetary value, and place it into the pile as offering to Jax. Let thoughts of greed flood from your mind, and let the ideas of Jax replace them.
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