Upcoming {Peaceful} A Month Of Theatre- Dates TBD


Lord of Altera
Posters are put up wherever they are allowed~

Theatre has long since been a popular vein of entertainment across the world- and Astrakhan is no exception! As such, the Basileos invites all playwrights and their actors to come to Astrakhan to host a small play, with one piece being the focus throughout a single day out of the month. The play may be about anything at all- even if it is at the expense of the Basileos himself! If interested, send a letter to Theodosius. There will be only 5 positions for a premiere show, and those positions will receive a small reward (this includes the actors and or olaywrights involved). Anyone in need of actors should contact Theo, but it would be more efficient to find your own- you will be compensated with 100r per actor.