Finished {Peaceful} [April 20th/3 EST] Kingfisher Festival


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All are invited to The Kingfisher festival
For many, these days are distressing. We live in a time filled with violence and needless killing. This festival will be a chance for all those who need a little peace to come and relax for a while. A joyous occasion, in which we will celebrate togetherness, and the sanctity of life in a time where people feel so far apart and take for granted that which is most important.
The festival is public to all, so long as the violence of war and politics is left behind as soon as they enter.


The event will begin with a brief prayer to Shalherana

There will be food and drink dotted around the town, encouraging people to stroll around and admire the flowers as they eat.

There will also be market stalls.

Music will be played throughout, and there will be space to dance. (Dance competition with monatary prizes as well flower crowns for the dance king and queen)

Petting zoo in the barn.

Closing sermon at the shrine.

I know this is SUUUPPER far in advance but this is going to take a lot of planning so I wanna save the date anyway and give myself lots of time to gather people who want to participate. I'll bump closer to time of course.

What: Festival/Sermon/Me making use of my lil hamlet
When: 20th April, time 3pm EST
Where: Kingfisher fields
Rating: Public and Peaceful.

I will stress again that Kingfisher Fields is a completely peaceful region and thus I would like the event to remain as peaceful as possible. Thank youuuu

Will tag staff closer to date.​
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Lord of Altera

People to sell their goods! (Market stalls,)
1. Olive Oil boi (Aka Theodosius)
2. Merdon Samrit (Alcohol)
3. Elz

Possible musicians to show off their talent! (Payment can be arranged)

1. Nonus

Chefs/Bakers/Brewers to set up little (Free) stalls with food and beverages as well as promote their businesses. (Payment can be arranged)

Someone to make prizes for the scavenger hunt (Payment can be arranged)

PM me if interested
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Lord of Altera
I JUST REALISED I never tagged staff on this. This is what happens when you make a thread a month in advance ;-; There will be religious type things going on at this but if y'all didnt see this and I'm tagging too late then I completely understand. ^- ^ Lannis Elz

Also bump for three days in advance to all those involved! If you wanna set up shop early, poke me and I'll try and get on and give you perms to decorate your stalls.
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I've got an event this Friday that I don't think I can afford to miss IC, so I might not be able to make it to this - sorry!