Finished [Peaceful | Public] Tribuisti Tempus Verum (3-18-18 4PMCST)

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Flyers like this are nailed in public areas in Sanardu, Storm’s Landing, Astrakhan, Stoltfar, Kharuz Khorum (I never get your name right, sorry) Blackstone, Halbed, Mockingbay, and anywhere else they might be allowed. A messenger is event sent to Queensport to extend an invitation to House Kane!

~Spring has Sprung!~
The ice and frost have melted away so that Mother Earth may draw breath once more. Trees are beginning to grow their buds and tulips are blossoming! It is a time for celebration! It is time for a Tribuisti Tempus Verum- a Springtime Festival!

Join the Herenii in Astrakhan in feasting, dancing, and general merrymaking as we honour Sallana and Shalherana in blessing us with new family members, a mild winter, a good last harvest, and hopefully- an excellent New Year for our fellow mortals! There shall be traditional cuisine and music, but we welcome any and all dishes, games and music from every corner of the globe!

Sallana Priestess: Sugar (Ruu)

Shalherana Priestess: Lilly (Cukie1)

We also need people to work the stalls and streets with games, foreign wares, and contests! Please submit your role in the festival by way of letter.

The festival celebrations will be as follows:

1st Hour: General prayer to both Goddesses, offerings will be made.

2nd and 3rd Hour: Dance, music and games in the village center.

4th and 5th Hour: A closing feast- please come hungry! All who attend will receive gifts as a parting farewell!

OOC Stuff

When: Saturday the 18th of March, 4 PM CST

Where: Astrakhan! To get to Astrakhan, go to Mockingbay’s noble section and find a blue-white sailed boat!

What: A celebration of spring, Shalherana, and Sallana. This event is peaceful.

Who: Everyone! Even the Kanes are being ICly permitted to come!

Lastly, the obligatory tagging of everyone in the family, the region owners in which the posters are tagged, and whatnot. Poke me if I missed you; I’m a forgetful boi.

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Oh also, this is doubling as a secret birthday party for Dimitrius, who’s turning six. The family and any of their closest friends would know ICly. If you’d rather that I not be lazy, I’ll send you a letter via PM. If you’re not sure if you’re in that group, just ask.


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Ruu mentioned wanting to go. Will have to see if she's able when this rolls around. Can have Sugar and Lilly as priestess for Sallana and Shally


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*Studying the poster, the young knight would crack a smile. These must be the family Daniel spoke of, it would seem. Marking the date, he would set off for home, the weight on his shoulders a tad lighter now. Perhaps he should get out a bit more, and he doubted there would be a more generally pleasant event to attend. After all, it might be nice to meet Danny's relatives*
"Here's to spring, I suppose."


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Ruu mentioned wanting to go. Will have to see if she's able when this rolls around. Can have Sugar and Lilly as priestess for Sallana and Shally
Okidoki! It won’t be until like, 3 or so weeks, so hopefully our beloved Ruu will have recovered by then, yis. :)


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Hey, I need help decorating Astrakhan for this shindig. Would someone be willing to help? I suck at making things pretty and Melody’s busy for the week sooo....


I’ll pay you uhm....4k?