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Piety Campaign - Masterthread


Lord of Altera

[By the lovely Lady Alec ]

By decree of Baron Crawford of Storm’s Landing, Sankera fi Faladiir has been given the task to oversee the construction and proper up keeping of a new grand cathedral to the gods of the pantheon. For this task, Sankera is reaching out to those gifted by the gods for their divine insight and knowledge.

As of now, the base design for the cathedral has been finished by the Fi Faladiir Architectural Bureau, and thus the foundation of what will become the new grand cathedral has been built. Yet for this tremendous task, Sankera is reaching out to those willing to help, either by coin or raw material.

We shall try to keep the all the citizens of Storm's Landing up to date on all new developments surrounding this grand undertaking.

This thread serves as a collection for all info about the upcoming, player run but server supported campaign, which will follow the construction, opening, and usage of the cathedral and few things more. As of the posting of this thread, I'm still busy with writing the last details of the thread that will kickoff this bad boy, so keep an eye out for that.

Also about the donations spoke of in the second paragraph, a thread that will be posted at a later date once the entire cathedral is done, I can however already say that OOC donations will be money only, using this money we will buy plots and materials.

[Poster] Call for the blessed ones
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