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Player Alt List

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HollowWorld's Announcer
Hello Hollowworld!

This list given below is a list of people who have alternate accounts that play on Holowworld.

You do NOT have to make a new whitelist application for an alt.

Please note that account-sharing will be caught, and dealt with.

It's optional to list your alts in-case you want to keep it secret, however, staff will always be aware of who owns which accounts.

Staff will NOT be listed on here. (Unless they want to)

How to get an alt whitelisted: Start a conversation with a >>staff member<< on the forums with your main account's name, alts name, and rank status. Put this in the conversation:
Main name:
Alt name:
Main rank:
Want this on the list?:

For Donators: Your donation rank can carry over to one alt only, the rest will have the default rank.

1. Players must wait one month after being whitelisted to whitelist an alt, this is to make sure they become used to how the server runs first. This also counts for people who have been dewhitelisted from inactivity.

2.Due to physical limitations and preventing issues with roleplay, players can only whitelist 3 alts maximum (That's 4 accounts including the main).

This rule has been implemented on 7th/NOV/14, any alt accounts henceforth will follow this rule, anyone breaking it will be forced to pick which alts they keep whitelisted.
[Subscriber] [MAIN] Antilogy
  • Mirdan
  • Lindsay
[Legend]:[MAIN]: NiekMorenta
  • NiekAlt
  • Amenable
[Good]:[MAIN]: ArkenGuard
  • DarthenGuard
  • StarkenGuard
[Good]:[MAIN]: Axex
  • Rosharas
[Peasant]: [MAIN]: Balatr0
  • RadioactivSpoon
[Villager]: [MAIN]: BuilderPet1500
  • DJPON310
[Legend] [MAIN]: Caedd
  • CaeddAlt
[Subscriber]: [Main]: CiariaAT16
  • MelosaAT16
  • AzriaAT16
  • Brian_AT16
[Legend]:[MAIN]: CthulhuPeople
  • Oberonian
  • Vammar
[Mentor] [Main] Cukie1
  • Fjor_Wilkstrom
[Peasant]:[MAIN]: Ddaug02
  • bookfaceback
  • Ddaug03
  • taylormir
[Villager]:[MAIN]: Deathmoron
  • Death_Deathblade
[Legend]:[MAIN]: Delta_61251
  • Tavros_61251
  • Maryann_61251
  • Kastra_61251
[Peasant]:[MAIN]: Dr_Patriot
  • SuperViking
[Villager]:[Main]: Exclaimer999
  • Ellysus
[Peasant] [Main] Fishymatt
  • Swanky_tea
[Legend] [Main] ATepidCupOfTea
  • AnotherCupOfTea
[Mentor]:[MAIN]: Chados
  • MsDanniellie14
  • Centurion
[Peasant] [Main] godfather1
  • Thalion_Rissien
[Legend]:[MAIN]: goldengem25
  • goldengem26
  • goldengem27
[Patron]:[MAIN]: Hai_Paladin
  • Hiphoptimus
[Patron]:[MAIN]: JadeArr0w
  • OnyxMace
[Legend]:[MAIN]: Jakp25
  • LordLink08
  • alexn27
  • aeturnumbrae
[Patron]:[MAIN]: Jrk17
  • Jrk18
[Legend]:[MAIN]: JstarGames
  • JstarOther
[Peasant] [Main] Juno_Ax
  • YouKnowItsJuno
[Guardian of Light] [MAIN]: K9_Diarmuid
  • Grrew509
[Patron]:[MAIN]: Koa_Kieran
  • Taafe
[Admin] [MAIN]: Kurzik
  • ActualCannibal
  • Gumdrop
[Admin] [MAIN]: Homunculus_
  • L1v1ng_Gh0st
[Villager]:[MAIN]: landem
  • Autumnesque
  • Schaudenfreudery
[Legend]:[MAIN]: LastGladius
  • LastAltius
[Peasant] [Main] LeftwardElk23
  • Swordic_
[Hero]:[MAIN]: MegaDonkey30
  • DarthDonkey30
[Guardian of Light]:[MAIN]: mokwar
  • slokwar
  • pokwars
[Subscriber]:[MAIN]: Mineturtletrap
  • ThePrawnLegacy
[Legend]:[MAIN]: mrpolo13
  • Gavilaran
[Hero]:[MAIN]: Rosary_Omen
  • violins_cry
[Subscriber]: [Main]: GraceLane
  • Quende
[Subscriber]:[MAIN]: Scardrac
  • crm3998
  • xXxEdgeMasterxXx (Previous: The_Spine_Ripper)
  • Sizzix_Alt
[Villager]:[MAIN]: skuller
  • SaberToothGamer
[Legend]:[MAIN]: Somnastra
  • KeltaBrinn
[Guardian of Light]:[MAIN]: Sophe_Deathblade
  • SopheSoup
[Guardian of Darkness]:[MAIN]: Sparkinspace
  • DarkAvarice
  • AvaricousShadow
[Legend] [Main] SpartanDory
  • NotSpartanDory
[Mentor]:[MAIN]: Squidziod
  • DoolinDesperado
[Peasant] [Main] Tohm_Mechaskus
  • TiberiusWulf
[Peasant] [Main] tomato150
  • potato150
[Patron] [Main] tomtomgags
  • wgreen84
[Hero] [Main]: TurtlePrada
  • EstudoChoo
[Admin]:[MAIN]: Archbishop
  • wabwab
[Peasant] [Main] Wolffrockk
  • IDontConsent
[Legend] [Main] Ximmerael
  • CheddarBiscuits
[Hero] [Main] zombie3255
  • zombie32551
  • Zombie32552
[Patron]:[MAIN]: ChaosDragon240
  • TechnoAnarchy
[Hero] [Main]: Smurf58105
  • Hiraetha
  • PallisonEM
[Peasant] [Main] Jandria
  • Dellrose
[Peasant] [Main] raykaystar
  • AgentDaisy5
[Legend] [Main] Arcana_
[Peasant] [Main] Everylasting_Emma
  • Everlasting_Rain
[Patron] [Main] SirNicholas14
  • SirXenon
[Villager] [Main] Jasper151627237
  • GreenNinjaCactus
[Hero] [Main]: Sir_Saltington
  • sALTington
[Admin][Main] Lady_Alec
  • hearts_hopes
  • Wistful_Dreamer
[Patron] [Main] Bakaling
  • Bakalisk
[Peasant][Main] Spooksy_
  • Spooks_
[Patron][Main] BoredBritishGuy
  • GottMitUns
[Patron][Main] Uncray
  • Yarcnu
[Peasant][Main] Charybdis
  • like_an_employee
[Peasant] [Main] Cowo5
  • Aldervon
[Legend][Main] FrostGuardian
  • Vardrel
[Legend][Main] Zombie32551
  • Zombie32552
[Legend][Main] TinyBlueBerry
  • _Shikyo_
[Legend][Main] samiwashere
  • samiwasthere
[Legend][Main] Ruulu
  • Twuulu
  • Syphie
[Patron][Main] Dr_PuddingMan
  • Prof_JelloKid
[Hero] [Main]: RagingLunacy
  • Hollicynthea
  • RavingPancake
  • Le_Pancake_
[Admin][Main] Kamaoe
  • Ohanoa
  • Makaoe
[Legend][Main] TheTottot
  • MemeLordTot
  • MohAmmbasad
[Legend][MAIN]: Cymic_
  • The_Chancellor
[Mentor][MAIN]: Asirel_Luik
  • Tanjya_Aclinta
  • SkyeDivine90
  • _Azariah_
[Patron][Main] Fronslin
  • A_Spoony_Bard
[Legend][MAIN]: HogoShi_Kitsune
  • Foxtrek_64
  • SudoFloof
[Hero] [Main]: ozzmaniac
  • Hadies29
  • prestonlatimer
[Peasant][Main]: drunk_on_cheez
  • CheezAlt
[Patron]:[MAIN]: Baron2537
  • Kiljadin
[Peasant][MAIN]: ThatMorbidBanter
  • BlackSailsAtDawn
[Legend][MAIN]: BobDdoss
  • Rossalt
[Legend][MAIN]: Rawkiller12
  • Adrianna1990
[Peasant][Main]: Sybbyl
  • Zha_Kitti
[Patron]:[MAIN]: Golden_Gardener
  • Sailing_Elf
[Hero] [Main]: JCST_Cap
  • Big_Shogun
[Peasant][MAIN]: Ambillis
  • Ambimiss
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HollowWorld's Announcer
It is your responsibility as a player to alert a Staff Member to add you to this list. If your alt is not on this list, or the information is outdated, inform a member of Staff.
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