Poetry Thread! - All Welcome Aboard!


I think I might like it here
Welcome to mah Poetry Thread! Not just mine, yours to! Yes, you can be apart of the lavish, and luxurious life of a Poet, on a Minecraft Forum! You to can experience criticism of people whom enjoy placing blocks! I hope you enjoy placing them as well! Sorta the point!

There are some guidelines of course...

1). I won't tolerate Racism/Excessive Profanity(This is a rather mature board, I'd think!), Sexual poems, Touchy Topics - You should know what should, and should not be written in poetry. It can be dark, but as mature as a forum can be. Nobody really likes reading gory, depressing poetry. But Poetry should be your own, you can make anything beautiful if you try. Write what you wish, but please keep in mind. This Forum has it's own set of rules, and boundaries. Obey them all, when writing. If they conflict with any of the rules here, the rules of the Forum are utmost priority... Not that I haven't read them myself, that little phrase is only there on the off chance that the rules change~:heart:

2). Don't copy poetry, or steal poetry from other websites! Now, if you didn't know, I can't really be upset, but that would be stealing creativity from another person, and I won't tolerate it, especially if it is done with full intent. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!! Now, you can show other people's poems, BUT GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE! Or thou shalt never poem here again! x)

3). This is a Poetry thread. Not Riddles(I love those, but there IS a thread for that,), not Fan Fictions, not a role play thread, nothing of the sort - Though you can incorporate Poetry into RP, It sounds kinda interesting! Maybe a character whom only speaks in poems? That'd be pretty cool.

4). Haiku's are allowed. Any form of poetry is allowed, it doesn't have to rhyme. Some poems just have a really really deep meaning. There are SO many ways to write poems, It's unthinkable that they will all be the same. There are likely some forms of poetry I don't even know yet. So why not learn from one another?

5). Have fun! Poetry is a good way to broaden one's horizons, and improve brain power! It can make you a more refined individual, more emotional, more passionate. Share your work here, if you're not feeling up to making, and maintaining a thread yourself! Maybe people will come by and take a gander at what you've written. Wouldn't that be swell? HAVE FUUUUUN!~:heart:

I'll write a poem from the top of my head, right now. To get things started!

A droplet of water falling to Earth,
A crumbling millennium in which we gave birth,
Weather erodes cracking the sky,
How would we live can we survive?

Answers we seek are soon to reveal,
A dying race we surely can't heal,
Living each day one breath at a time,
Holding each other not wanting to die.

But being all human the urge to survive,
A fire lit inside of our mind,
Of strong will we can never hide,
Fight or flee, we live or we die.

Mankind won't lose but never to win,
Overcoming all of our sin,
Heaven we can not give birth,
But a new paradise we soon shall unearth.

No name to that poem, but It was just off the top of my head. And seeing as It's 4:40 AM my time. It's probably not as good as I like it to be... But. It doesn't need to be. :) Poetry, like all forms of writing. Have freedom of expression. Write what you like, write how you feel, write when you want! Just have fun!


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Sounds great!:heart:

Here's my contribution! It's called "She has a box".

She has a box
where she keeps her precious things.
clicking the latch;
sounds like baby's first breath
or grandfather's last.
She has a box
where she keeps memories
when it feels like holding water
in cupped hands;
open the box and see.
She has a box
inside there is a kiss,
an answerphone message
and the touch of a hand.


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Hey, So I got a little board and a tad stress, so I decided to relieve myself and write a poem. It is a bit dark and about clowns so you have been warned. My spelling and Gramma are not great and I need help with the end.
With out futher talk here we go:

My name is Harry
I might be a little scary
But I am true
Through and through

I live with you
In your dreams and nightmares too
I follow you around
Even when you feel down

I can put a smile
On any grumpy face
I don't need much
Maybe a few tools

Because even the lowest frown
Can be forced to form a grin
At the sight
Of a gun or Knife

So ending 1
My name is Harry
I am alot scary
I suggest because you know
That you start running

Or ending 2
My name is Harry
I am alot scary
I suggest that you start running
Because I found my dagger and I am coming for you

The rhyming was graduly fadded out to show him slowly falling apart/ becoming phycotic. Hope you enjoyed it and I didn't scar you too much :p.


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Here we go
Money talks
Here comes the money

Money money
Money money
Money money
Money money

Dolla dolla
Dolla dolla

Ching ching
Bling Bling
At the check out

If you ain't talkin' money
Then your talkin' don't matter

Ching ching
Bling Bling
Packin' Pocket