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Law of The People's Republic of Amalfia:
The Republic of Amalfia uses the system of common law.
The Highest institution of law in the Republic of Amalfia are
the People's Courts, they decided on the cases and the punishment
attributed to the crimes. The only rule is that a judge has
to respect the decision taken on a case while doing his
decision on new cases. Hence the law is created
with each decision made in a court of law. All decisions
will be listed. But in attempt to make the law clearer a code
have been created , The Code of Citizens Law.
The second source of the creation of law is the Doge of The Republic,
who has the rigth to make edicts to forbid certain actions within the lands.
The people's court are not permanent courts, they are called
in every time they are needed. The judges in the courts are issues
from the people decided by the doge.
The doge can name any Citizen as a judge for the duration of the case.
The people's court resides in the doge's palace in Amalfia. The courts decide
if the accused is guilty as well as the punishment that will be given
if the accused is guilty.
The workings of the Court:
The court will be called in if:

- Citizens request it to settle a dispute, in that case two citizens (or groups) will present arguments in the peoples court and the judges will decide.

- if a crime has been committed, either the Republic or a Citizen will notify the court who will begin an investigation into the committed crime. the accused has the right to defend himself or choose a representative.
Code of Citizen laws :
these laws are a base for all citizens to respect, they will determine those who commit crimes. But citizens can still go to the court if they consider that someone has committed a crime even though it is not written down in this code. the court will then decide on it. If the court considers that the accused has committed a crime the decision rendered will be archived and considered as a future law for all cases of the same nature (it becomes a law).

The following are considered to be crimes :

- Stealing : these includes all kinds of thefts and robbery as well as banditry

- Assault : it is forbidden to assault another citizen. Assault is the attempted slaying or injury of another party outside of wartime or duels.

- Murder: No citizen may take the life of the other. The Doge and vice Doge are exempted from this law, as they are the only ones who have the right to take the life of a citizen (executions).

- Treason : committing treason is the highest offense against the People's Republic of Amalfia it is defined as citizens of a state acting against their own state. The punishment for treason is death.

- Witchcraft : The crime of witchcraft is the practice of magic.​
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List of Decisions of the Court:
In here all the decisions of the court as well as the pending trials and investigations of the court will be listed. each court decision will be considered as a new law that will need to be respected for every resembling case after the decision was rendered :
List of Decisions of the Court:
List of the Pending Trials and Investigations of the Court:
- Investigation of the court against Smith Ben Grenos:
Accused: Ben Grenos:
Judge of the case: Delius Kincaid:
The Case :
The Smith of the name of Ben Grenos has been accused by several citizens to sell items of questionable quality for very High Prices even thought the seller has advertised theses items as exemplary quality.
Sold Items have had effects on Lumber productions as well as prices, complaints from Lumberjacks for to hight prices of the axes, and lower wood production from theses bad quality axes. (the Court had noticed a increase in lumber price in Amalfia)
Principality of Amalfia is concerned about quality of acquired sword of this smith. (considering bad quality weapons would weaken defense of the Principality)
Status of the Case:
Case closed. The Court has decided the following on the case Republic VS Smith Ben Grenos. Merchants have the right to sell what ever good for what ever price they wish to, under the Law of the Republic.
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Slavery in the Principality :

Edict of Doge, Delius Kincaid. 21th of Ghostmoon 2260 - Season of Decay.

slavery is abolished within the territories of the Principality for all Humans, Halflings , Elf's , and Dwarfs.
It is considered an inhuman thing to do, for the reason that each being with a reason, a mind, intelligent and that is civilized should be respected
by the others.
secondly the code and the behavior of a noble goes against the holding of slaves.the nobility should always respect their subjects and never turn them
into the status
of slaves. Since a noblemen should always protect the weak, defend them from those who would pray on them and not turn them into
The list of Beings considered to have reason, a mind, intelligent and are civilized are established by the philosophers and state officials during long talks
around the subjects. Here is the list. : Humans, Halflings , Elf's (of all kind), and Dwarfs.

This edict will be considered as a law to be respected in the Principality of Accadia. going against it
will be considered as a crime, punishable to up to eviction.

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The Amalfian law system has been updated by the new doge... as it was still from the time of the Princes of Amalfia.. with noble courts and outdated laws.
The noble courts have been replaced, no longer nobles play the role of judges in Amalfia.