[Poll] How Did You Hear About Our Server?

How did you first discover HW?

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The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
Niah kept going on about this place for three months. Then when I moved back home my internet connection was too slow to handle League so I needed something else to keep me entertained.


The Anime loving Brony
Started out on a Vampire/Werewolf rp server that I'd joined accidentally, then after it got griefed to hell and shut down, I followed someone else to here (though they didn't end up getting in, while I did, lol).


The Arbiter of the Gods
It was 5 years ago. I wanted a server I could build on with the buildings actually being meaningful. I had no idea what RP was. Great times.


Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
Basically, I was living with my parents and utterly miserable because my two vanilla survival servers I helped admin shut down. I needed a distraction to keep me from spiraling into terrible depression because I was the stereotypical "post-college living with parents kid." So I was looking for a new server to function , and I saw that PMC had a roleplay descriptor and I was like, "HMMMM." (Or it may have been the other one we use. I can't remember hte second site's name.) Anyway. I used to do tabletop roleplay and figured why not. : )


Loyal Servant of Altera
I was looking for a good RP server experience after the one I had been on got a horrible owner, and then died. I googled "D&D MC servers", and found this. That was two years ago, and I was WAY too lazy to apply at the time, so I continued looking. Two years later, I googled the same thing, this was the first decent search result, so I signed up.


Chairman of the Procrastination Committee
Used to be on a different rp server a couple years back; couldn't find it again when I googled 'minecraft roleplay server' recently, but this came up instead;

Ergo, here I am.


Lord of Altera
Hollowworld I believe was actually the first "official" roleplaying server that I joined. I had gotten started when [though I'd been roleplaying over other mediums for many years before] I was playing on an old Towny server back when that was cool. There were a few people in a tight community who took it into a roleplay kind of setting, essentially. It was quite nice. When I found myself unable to leave the house for a while because of an injury, I needed something to do so I was searching things up and found out there were actual RP servers in MC, and I was interested. I whitelisted here : ) I do believe I found it via google. ^_^


Dead Man Walking
Retired Council Member
I Googled RP servers back in 2012. I fell in love with it for the RP PvP aspect of it. Now that playstyle has been run out of town but I'm too invested to leave.