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[ x ] Flora, Fauna, and Geology
[ x ] Import, Export, and Trade
[ x ] Events, History, Religion
[ x ] Places of Interest, Myths, Rumours
[ x ] Sanardu Marketplace and Wares

General Information
{Sanardú is a violent/moderate region. Consent is required here for death only unless there are things already in place (consent thread, etc). Do not come here to start trouble and not expect to be outed with force. }
= = =
Sanardú is the name of the lands on which House Fuvur settled upon after the mass exodus across the western seas. Hailing from the old lands of Riseport, the Fuvurs have made their new homeland one with an emphasis on commerce, as they did with their old one. It's a region on the east coast, based on a Mediterranean climate vaguely related to that of Sicily, with flora and fauna to match, including extensive vibrant corals. A port city, with a focus on trade, it accepts all races and has no fear of magic.
Region Owners(IC and OOC):

Autarch Trystan Fuvur

Where is Sanardú?

In order to get to Sanardú there is a ship from Storm's Landing, or via carriage from Mockingbay!

Region Rules
"Fuvur word is law."

Check the 'Laws' thread of House Fuvur for punishments etc. Also applicable.
{ x }

IC Rules, or Guidelines:
+ The Fuvur family rules Sanardú. Their word is law here, but otherwise there are only a few other rules to follow.
+ Suffice to say if you are not a resident of Sanardú and you enter to cause harm or problems, you're an enemy of Sanardú and it's inhabitants. You'll be dealt with accordingly.
+ Do not enter the Shipwreck under any circumstance. It is unstable.
+ Do not bypass the wall. While the city is in progress, if you decide to somehow scale mountains to get inside you'll be removed with force.
+ Do not enter any restricted areas without permission.
+ You're expected to live and work in Sanardú if given a place of residence.
+ Purposeful destruction of property is not acceptable. Results of your actions depend on the severity, but it's never pleasant.
(Need updating. Check later.)

OOC Rules:
+ There will be areas for possible DMing and exploration in the future, but kindly keep the DMing to those who own the region unless it's a separate staff event.(Or get permission from a region owner.)
+ No destroying builds or editing without asking first. Most places will have interiors and the like already, and I'm alright with edits providing you just ask me. A lot of places are close to each other, hence this rule. Don't want us building into each others basements.
+ Stealing, harassment and OOC rudeness aren't tolerated, which is a given since they're server rules too.
+ Remember that Sanardú is a Moderate/Violent region. Consent is not needed for things to happen to your character here, aside from death.
+ After 3 weeks of inactivity, I'll reclaim your house and anything within if you don't give me some kind of heads up.
+ If you have a home here, I'd prefer you to RP here. I have limited places, and empty houses are no good.
+ I do not refund you money if you decide to leave Sanardú - I will not keep your belongings if you leave, but this is your investment.
+ We try to use IC and OOC money as much as we can. This includes housing, purchasing goods, tips, and purchasing drinks in the tavern. (Ehh. So so. Need update decision.)

Inhabitants & Joining
- - - -
Getting a job and a place to live in Sanardú is a matter of asking via roleplay most of the time, but I am aware that some OOC discussion can be required to make it easier especially for new players! Fill out the following form and we'll get back to you about arranging some roleplay.


Char Profile:

Do you use Skype?:

Current Census

The Ruling Family:
Emperor Nwalme Fuvur
Empress Nylarii Fuvur

Autarch Trystan Fuvur
Arianne Fuvur (to be fuvur)

Kieran Fuvur
Evelyn Veileth-Fuvur
Tzemik Fuvur
Light Fuvur-Kav
Aelyth Fuvur

The Citizens:

Ava Variclav
Niko Variclav
Three Baby Variclavs



Josef Mandovi
Kam Hakiaz
(And Clan)

The Remembered:
Aryus Fuvur

Currently Seeking:

A Baker for the bakery!
City Guards.

The Exiled:
Aragion Campion
Illthilior Athrendu

blargtheawesome ForestRose K9 Lannis Joseph12Q Niko BoredBrit Bobert

Lirakitty Lannis FrostGuardian Paint K9 blargtheawesome Michcat Raykaystar The Tottot Jeroxia Cukie1 nexscarecrowArcana

Thanks to some awesome people for helping with materials, digging out masses of mountain, offering assistance, giving me respiration helmets, throwing sandstone my way, and moral support in the construction of Sanardú. I could not have done so without you(and stayed sane). Much love! Each lil' bit counted. c:

Tirenas - 25k towards the Bath House!
Elt - A grand total of 50k! You like my houses.
Smurf - 5k from generous cat person! : )


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Flora, Fauna, and Geology
= = =
The lands of Sanardú may not be as rich with life as Riseport had, but it is a world mostly untouched by our kind and as a result is teeming with variety. From bountiful, vibrant corals and sea caves to the peaks of mountains, there is something other than ourselves.

It is of note that snakes are, while dangerous, also respected by House Fuvur and you should avoid killing them unless it is a time of desperation.
Coral Reef - "Characteristic habitat types of the Italian Mediterranean coastal zone, are the Cystoseira biocenosis and the Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds, Lithophyllum lichenoides communities form coralligenous reefs which are a spectacular sight the coralline alga is covered with large gorgonian fans, coral, and a diverse array of often colourful invertebrate organisms and hundreds of species of fish. These communities host sponges, sea anemones, jellyfishes, sea mats and hornwrack, segmented worms, snails, bivalves, squids and octopuses, starfishes and sea urchins, crabs, lobsters and shrimps." - Wikipedia
Migratory - There are a variety of migratory animals around Cradle's Bay, mostly the large whales that move around the outer island.
Sea Caves - Currently unexplored, it is not known what can be found within them, nor how vast the tunnels and caves are.

= = =

Name - Notes

Sicilian Black Swine
Eurasion Wild Pig/Wild Boar
Pine Marten
Roe Deer
Crested Porcupine
Least Weasel
Common Hedgehog
Italian Wolf
Sicilian Shrew
Corsican Hare
Sardinian Long-eared Bat - NOCTURNAL
Greater Horseshoe Bat - NOCTURNAL
Etruscan Shrew
Common Bent-wing Bat - NOCTURNAL
Eurasian Lynx
Marsican Brown Bear
Pyrenean Chamois
Alpine Ibex
Common Genet
Grey Long-eared Bat - NOCTURNAL
Red Fox
Forest Polecat

Golden Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Black-winged Stilt
Hooded Crow
Black Woodpecker
European Eagle-owl - NOCTURNAL
Griffon Vulture
European Nightjar - NOCTURNAL
Glossy Ibis
Woodchat shrike
Rock Partridge

Italian Pool Frog
Common Toad
Mediterranean Painted Frog
Yellow-bellied Toad
Italian Tree Frog
Balearic Green Toad
Sardinian Brook Salamander
Fire Salamander - POISONOUS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_salamander)
Italian Crested Newt
Ambrosi's Cave Salamander
Italian Cave Salamander

Italian Marbled White
Cleopatra Butterfly
Purple-shot Copper
Scarce Large Blue
Adonis Blue
Peacock Butterfly
Two-tailed Pasha
European Owl Moth
Scarlet Dragonfly
European Mantis
Common Glow-worm
Hummingbird Hawk-moth
Violet Carpenter Bee
Emerald Wasp
European Hornet

Hermann's Tortoise
Marginated Tortoise
Sicilian Pond Turtle
Ocellated Skink
Bedriaga's Rock Lizard
European Leaf-toed Gecko
Western Green Lizard
European Green Lizard
Dalmatian Wall Lizard
Sicilian Wall Lizard
Jeweled Lacerta
Dice Snake
Viperine Water Snake
Soosan Snake - VENOMOUS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_cat_snake)
Italian Aesculapian Snake
Aesculapian Snake
Four-lined Snake
Leopard Snake
Aspic Viper - VENOMOUS - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vipera_aspis)
probably more

MARINE FAUNA (Including Mammals)
Mantis Shrimp
Slipper Lobster
Common Octopus
Common Cuttlefish
Mediterranean Jellyfish
Spiny Spider Crab
Circular Crab
Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab
Mediterranean Scallop
Portuguese Man o' War - VENOMOUS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_man_o'_war
Scribbled Nudibranch(sea slug)
Felimare Picta (sea slug)
Purple Sail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velella)
Noble Pen Shell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinna_nobilis) (Mother of pearl)
Black Sea Urchin
Purple Sea Urchin
Hacelia Starfish
Mediterranean Spearfish
Mediterranean Moray Eel
= = =
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Rough-toothed Dolphin
Mediterranean Monk Seal
Common Minke Whale
Humpback Whale
Cuvier's Beaked Whale
Bottlenose Dolphin
False Killer Whale
Great White Shark


= = =
Name - Notes

Blood Oranges (Native to Veilmere, brought over)
Vanilla Pods (Native to Veilmere, brought over)
Sugar Cane
Bay laurel - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurus_nobilis

Cypress Tree
Stone Pines



= = =
Name - Notes


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Imports, Exports, and Trade

= = =

As of yet, Sanardú has not created a self-sufficient, working, growing economy. Very few goods go out, and very few go in. If tradition holds itself true, then by all accounts it will likely export luxury goods cultivated from its surroundings, and maintain a thriving merchant class by luring in foreign merchants, buying low and selling high.

Trading With:
{Aelmere }
Importing -
Exporting -

{ Natri'Evar }
Importing -
Exporting -
Exports/Produced Goods
= = =
Riseport Tobacco
Riseport Smoking Tobacco is just normal tobacco. Perfectly fine, nothing to worry about, nosiree. Up until the actual Riseport part comes into play. Unlike most tobaccos before the semi-modern era, this stuff doesn't feel like quite as much like you're inhaling smoke. Though, it's still quite unpleasant, and is definitely an acquired taste- especially since the proper use of the drug involves inhaling it deeply. It's got a mild stimulant affect like normal tobacco, in small dosages, but in larger dosages it acts more akin to a depressant. Slows your reaction time, relaxes the hell out of you, and makes it pretty difficult to get angry.
Notably, has a very pungent, earthy scent, and thick light grey smoke.
See more:
Mind that, beyond that, the rest of this information on the product is not public knowledge.

What makes it really special is the special blend of thirty seven herbs and spices (not really). The tobacco is soaked in a substance extracted from the roots of two plants that grow naturally in the jungles of Riseport. One of plant has calming properties, and is nonaddictive. Another plant that also grows in the jungle, and is also in the mix, is addictive. It has neurological effects, and while they're not apparent in small dosages, the plant is addiction-forming (of the chemical dependency sort). Tobacco, processed and all that for smoking, is left to soak in this stuff for a few hours before the excess is squeezed off like water from a sponge and it's ready to be packaged for exporting.

In small dosages, you're getting more tobacco than herbal extracts. Thus, it acts as a mild stimulant, and that's about it. This would be a handful of puffs, mind.
In moderate dosages, you'll feel more sensitive, and really quite relaxed. There's a slight slackening of inhibition- but only slight. You'll probably notice that you're a fair bit easier to bruise, but you're not an overripe fruit.
In large dosages, it becomes uncomfortable, but odds are you're a bit too out of it to care. Your extremities prickle and tingle, and might start getting bruised for no apparent reason. This would be about one and a half pounds of the stuff.
In the event of an overdose, which would be quite an impressive feat of stupidity for smoking so much in one go, it causes your neural pathways to get fiddly and you'll probably experience paralysis of one of your important bits- like your heart or lungs. It would take around five pounds to get this bad off.

Addiction to the stuff isn't all that bad. Headaches and nausea, that's about it. But it does form fairly quickly, and last for quite awhile. After two or three weeks of regular consumption, you'd have three or four months of withdrawal.

Long-term usage, something like three or four years where you end up taking a large dosage a few times every week, would result in a permanent deadening of the sense of touch. No one's taken it this long who exists at the time of this writing though, so.

Veilmere Rum

Originally brewed in the old lands of Veilmere, it was served frequently within Riseport. Before it could be exported in mass, the lands were taken by the undead and so the Fuvurs have had to start anew. Brewed only by Nylarii Fuvur with her husband's guidance, the rum has a unique taste to it. The most notable flavour is cinnamon, though there's hints of vanilla as well as other things. A warm spiced taste.
See more:

The ingredients and methods of making are not public knowledge, nor will they ever be. (I'll be pretty unhappy if it's taken and sold/brewed elsewhere. Let me have this thing. : ( )
= = =
Brewed in old oak barrels to take the edge off the taste.

Fuvurian Wines
There are several varieties of Fuvurian wines, mostly made from the grapes of Smoke's Reprieve vineyard and with plans for more from the lands of Veilduine. Both red and white grapes are grown with the sun bearing down on the lands, but kept a reasonable distance away from the bustling city of Sanardu (Though they were once grown there for this purpose, grapes grown there are now simply for consumption). The winery remains by Smokes Reprieve, though the bottles for the wine are made in Sanardu. Other wines are made additionally but are far less common as there are not yet large enough fields of, say, strawberries to bottle en masse.

+ Fuvurian Red
The most distributed wine of the group, it is a deep, dark red in colour and also the strongest in alcohol content. Rich and full bodied.

+ Emperor's Reserve
Another full bodied, red wine, it is not quite as strong as the Fuvurian Red but makes up for this in the additional flavours of Cinnamon, Anise, Nutmeg, and Honey. A warming spice that makes it a favourable drink even warm in winter months or for mild ailments like a cough.

+ Serpent's Kiss
A refreshing, light white wine with additional citrus notes. Named for the first sip having quite a bite to it, but it is not unpleasant.

+ Strawberry Wine
Made within the Sanardu brewery as an additional, more expensive wine to the grape varieties. A sweet wine with plenty of sugar used in the fermentation process, it is also very slightly weaker in alcohol content and lighter on the palette.


Wooden Crafts


Chicken Eggs
Goat's Milk
Various Seafoods (Crab, Lobster, Various Fish and Shellfish)
Olives (Stored in jars with brine)


Bandages (Made of wool)

Animal Products

Olive Oil

Minerals/Precious Gems

Dark Oak

Imported Goods
= = =
Cultivated and grown within the lands of Riseport, whatever seeds and budding plants that could be kept were brought with the Fuvurs on the Exodus. However, Sanardu is not the right climate to grow it, and so seeds were sent to a far southern isle, with Josef Mandovi. The coffee is imported from there.

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= = =
blurb about culture and stuff for blarg to do i dont want to do it and you cant make me
something something freedom

Sanardu Events
'Love Connections' - Sept 16th
(thread deleted)
'Rituals in the Moonlight' - August 11th (ish)
'Nothing Ventured IV' - 6th August
'Nothing Ventured III' - 2nd August
'Nothing Ventured II' - 1st August
'Nothing Ventured I' - 29th July
'The Great Gamble' - 30th July
'A Festival for Jax' - 21st July
'An Exchange' - June 24th

= = =
+ Crashing of the Cradle - (IC + OOCdate?)
+ Camp Established - (IC + OOC date?)
+ City Foundations
+ Main section of the city completed

Sanardú, like many city-states, is founded on a great many virtues that it still holds to this day. Honour, blind justice, charity, and freedom. Theirs are a people that are practically marinated in the collective feel-good of their (entirely harmless) Riseport Smoking Tobacco, and Veilmere Rum. As harmless as hippies, the only weapon they could be known for are the queer bent-forward swords that they discovered on a fluke. This is, of course, facetious.

Old Riseport sort of appeared out of nowhere. It began with a tent, that culminated into paths in the jungle, and all of a sudden small trade routes were springing up, that grew into larger and larger ones as time grew on. Originally, only hired drifters “tilled the fields,” so to speak, while the only permanent residents were (seemingly) Nwalme and his son. Eventually, from an outsider’s perspective, the son, Helix, eventually vanished too. Other family were brought in, a wife, and from there the wife, Nylarii, grew Riseport while Nwalme faded back into obscurity.

Old Riseport served as a bastion for ne’er-do-wells, establishing only informal relations with contemporary foreign powers. Little track was kept of who went into and out of the city, the iron grasp of its rulers only reaching down for those who would disturb the peace within the boundaries of the city. Old Riseport became known for the extremely exotic goods it produced, beginning to attract foreign merchants as well, and the occasional dignitary during the height of its power.

Good times never last, however. With the rise of undead, Riseport first attempted a defence, and then began a full evacuation onto its galley - renamed “The Cradle.” Summarily, more and more Riseportians left for greener pastures, as the Fuvurians lived on their ship, travelling to and fro before eventually finding relief at Grafjell. Then, in following them to the new world, crashed into a bay on the other side of the continent; now called Cradle’s Bay.

Now, the cycle of history must surely repeat itself, as it always has and always will.
Credits to: blargtheawesome

= = =

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Places of Interest

= = =

There are several places of note within the Fuvurian lands of Sanardú, though several are deemed dangerous and should be traversed with care, if not traversed at all. Others are key buildings or locations within Sanardu and are encouraged to visit or at least make a not of where they are.

For a more in depth look into places of interest, click here: { x }

- The Wreck
The wreck of the ship that brought the Fuvurs to new lands, 'The Cradle'. Sections were used to create the initial camp, in which still remains despite the growing city along the coast. The bay it now rests within has been adequately named 'Cradles Bay', though it is advised not to swim within the wreckage for old lines and items could catch or snag you, opening the potential for drowning.
There are rocks and corals that are believed to have been what broke into the side of the ship upon impact, and though briefly damaged as a result, they continue to flourish now. Pearls have been found by those risking their lives to find them.

- The Caves
Currently unexplored, there is little known of them. They could be extremely vast and winding, or they could not. They're avoided for the time being as they do pose a risk if you are not a strong swimmer, and there is very little light.

- The Ruins
Not something the Fuvurs have explored much either, though it is to be noted they have been here for far longer than we have been. Sections seem to have caved in below, providing no real answers to who or what created them. Any graves still there have nothing within them.

- The Baths
A grand bath house is nestled into the rock, located around the back of the tavern. Currently ran by Henryk. Private rooms and massage tables are within, warmed with natural springs and the warm air kept heated with braziers.

- Smoke's Trail
The tavern is named after the one back in Riseport, holding it's own long line of history spanning back to Vera Vigi. It sells Veilmere Rum as it's speciality, brewed in the city itself.

- Library of Sanardú
coming soon

- Hospital and Research Labs
coming soon

- Memorial Wall
coming soon

Myths & Rumours

= = =

+ The Lord of House Fuvur is rumoured to be a man of magic, though specifics aren't spoken of.
+ The Ruins are haunted, with an eerie fog that rolls in from the coast on nights with a full moon.
+ Figures have been seen near the wreck of the Cradle. Believed to be those who died on the voyage.

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Sanardú Markets

{Market stalls are free to come by for the time being, generally chest shops that hold an IC presence to some degree.}

The markets of Sanardu are its primary means of bringing in a more varied assortment of goods to the city itself, while providing a location for others to buy and sell their own to other individuals without the requirement for large ships or carts for smaller businesses. It is also the way Fuvurian goods are distributed to the peoples, though exports change with the seasons.


Current Market Stalls


Fuvurian Fineries
A stall selling several of the main exports of Sanardu. It has small amounts of stock but it is frequently restocked. See post above for information on the tobacco and rum!
+ Pouch of Riseport Tobacco
+ Bottle of Veilmere Rum
+ Fresh Oranges
+ (Jungle) Wood
+ (White) Wool

Elz blargtheawesome

With All The Trimmings

Owned by some elderly couple within Sanardu, it mainly just sells bouquets of flowers and an abundance of bushes and leafy assortments.
(Mainly OOCly just me selling my stupid amount of leaves and vines...)
+ Oak Leaves
+ Jungle Leaves
+ Vines
+ Lavender Bundles

Natri'Evar Fabrics

A vendor who sells ont he behalf of Natri'Evar, he supplies a variety of quality fabrics and dyes, suitable for tailoring and upholstery.
+ Various Dyes
+ Fabrics

All The Wool

A caparii woman likes to keep the stall fully stocked of wools. All kinds of wools, dyed to any colour you can imagine.
+ Lotta wools. 160 a stack.

Business name here:
Blurb about business and goods here.
Some tags.

Business name here:
Blurb about business and goods here.
Some tags.

Rules of the Marketplace

+ None yet that I can think of. Follow the Sanardu rules on the main post.

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Ayy. Added a few more bits, but I think I'm done for today. Remember a lot of this is for more when regions are open, and it's certainly a WIP/open to changes.


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