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This thread is meant for your request for art done by me, p00f.
I do portraits, photoshops, scenery drawings and also full bodies (but I'm not especially good at that).

How to request a portrait <also animal/pet portraits>: (5000 radiants)
- Leave a screenshot of his/her skin
- and leave a link to his/her character profile.
I will then review the profile and if it has enough distinguishing features I will draw the portrait and post it here and display it in the Portrait-hall of Altera.
: D

How to request a photoshop: (2500 radiants)
- Leave a screenshot of the scenery
- Give me some details of what you like to see that is not on the screen shot
(whether or not to include a crowd for instance)

How to request a full body or monster/animal: (2500 radiants)
- leave a screenshot of the character
- leave a link to his/her char profile
- Give me a pose!

About my art: I have been drawing RolePlay Character portraits ever since this thread was made, so that is 27th of August 2012. I will go on with making portraits for the lovely people of the community of Hollow-World as long as I can.

About payment: Payment comes after I'm done with the drawing, because sometimes it can take really long before I start drawing and I wouldn't want you to feel like I took your money and did not supply what I promised.

About waiting time / queues: sometimes I don't draw the requests in the order I've received them. Sometimes I don't draw anything at all for a month. Other times, I draw 2 portraits in a day. I draw the requests of characters I like to draw best at the moment I feel like drawing and sometimes I have to ask someone myself if I may draw his/her character :p
TL;DR = I'm not going to set deadlines for my art.

Drawing queue:

To view the drawings as a whole. Scroll down while holding [Ctrl].
Here'll I'll put my best work yet, the masterpiece so far of each category.

Current best Portrait: Leso Varen in thought!

Current best photoshop: example photoshop

Current best full body: Dav'id Engem brewing something!
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Thraall krimil thorinsson.jpg Krimil was part of a mining family and is from a small village in the far north of the old world, He then moved out of his hometown to go onto bigger things, where he moved to Karuk-Thol, the Dwarven capital at the time.
That is where Krimil Thorinsson met Hrothgar and after the exodus they set out looking for locations for Thraall, and not much really happened after that, Krimil is a stern, Stumpy Dwarf, he keeps to himself most of the time, but is a loyal and hard working Dwarf.

Krimil Thorinsson is the Lord of Skara Brae, an outpost of Thraall, a Noble of Yearnen, and Grand Miner of Thraall



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Thraall krummi.jpg This is Krummi. He is a friendly and kind dwarf. He has joined Thraall not too long ago, but has been an active member of the city ever-since. Krummi means Crow. He was called Krummi because his beard was black as a crow when he was born. Krummi was a pirate once, but one day he sat down and felt he missed the intellect that a good talk with a pirate could not bring. So he went back to his roots, after all, he was still a dwarf! He was inspired to become a scientist by a meeting with Lenotion and after the inhabitants of Thraall showed him around, he quickly began to build at his experiments. He has build his laboratory, observatory, library and guesthall all in his particular style. He is beginning to get bald, because of old age. for the same reason he is starting to lose sight in his left eye. He wears the battle-axe of Thraall proudly and does not hesitate to shout out: HAIL KING HROTHGAR! when he walks among others.


Thraall Roman.jpg Roman is a Matron of a formerly powerful Dwarven family and the son of Korog, the god of the Dwarves. Korog 'made' him after the family's firstborn son died in childbirth. The father lost faith and Korog punished him for this by procreating with his wife. Roman was born.
Korog gifted roman with an 'eye' to see things others cannot. The ender-eye. Roman was gifted with the eye by means of a vision, which turned his true eyes red and made him blind.
At the age of sixteen Roman was marked as a murderer. A priest touched him and had a heart attack from the vision he received. Thus roman had an iron mask fused to his face to mark him forever as a murderer.
Roman has a pale skin with patches of red and black, these come from the dark blood, which is black as coal, that flows within him. He despises his appearance as he frightens away most people that aren't hardy Dwarves.


Thraall Hrothgar.jpg Hrothgar SharpPick, general of the Dwarven Army, is from a small town of Ascension Heiths, however he lived most of his life in Skara_Brae. He lives in Thraall now, a capital that grew on a place he thought suitable for a Dwarven city. Being a powerful Dwarf warrior, he commands the Dwarven Army and is usually hunting the bandits of the Southern Wilds.
He is a muscular and tall (for a Dwarf) warrior, only reaching 4'2'', wears his Dwarven star armour, he carries his Dwarven pick (Cerebrum Ruina). His hair is tucked into his helmet, however his beard, of avarage length and plaited, adopts a dark brown, auburn colour.
Hrothgar is usually a kind, but firm, character and he is always willing to help one in need of help. However, he can be a bit quick-tempered and is know to easily start a pub brawl. He is a brave, courageous warrior, one not to be messed with.
Hrothgar attained his Star Armour relatively soon before The Battle of Ascension Heights. It was hand forged by his father, Hioghan SharpPick II, cast out of the Dwarven material; star iron. It is incredibly strong and can withstand many fatal blows. Stronger than diamond itself, Hrothgar also wields his Battle-Pick, also crafted by his father. It also carries the spirit of his father, which gives him the grand Silk Touch enchantment.
Hrothgar has few weaknesses. Being a mortal Dwarf, his capabilities in battle are what has kept him alive. However, Hrothgar is unable to swim, as his parents never had the time to teach him, and so whenever he is close to water he gets rather tense and upset. However, in addition to this, his height lacks advantage.
Hrothgar generally gets on well with others. However, he dislikes Elves as the two races (Dwarves and Elves) continue to fight with each other as they grow amongst Altera, however, when both need each other, they get along (for a while). He gets along extremely well with those of his own race, and some humans, however, Hrothgar strongly hates the western humans for what they did to his parents and homeland.
Hrothgar was crowned General of the Dwarven Army when he was 26, after defeating many of the evil creatures the demons had summoned. He now leads the army into many battles.
The Futhark runes in his helmet say:​
Hail King | King of​
Hrothgar | Dwarves​
Thraall Thraall​


Basil.jpg This is not a member of Thraall, but non the less an interesting figure:

A, more or less, brief history of Basil...​
A simple, nice, life in the Eastern frontier... Mostly uneventful, at the age of seventeen, he had left his beloved village, to travel to the North and see what life had in store for him. Somewhere on the way to the North, he was possessed by a Demon, it twisted young Basil in many ways... It corrupted his memories, and changed his physical appearance to mask the Demon by making Basil look as if he were a Fire Blessed. Soon after getting situated, Arcone had found Basil and informed him of his father... Mori Adam Saeradan, well-respected diplomat. This changed Basil quite a bit... At the time, he had no idea who his real father was, still believing the Demon's lies. He was also informed that he would inherit Mori's titles, estate, and his position in the Saeradan family.​
A few months later, Basil decided to become a Vyre... He, under the Demon's influence, had much fun doing this...​
Several months later, he met Valerie, and was instantly love-struck... It was about a month later, at this time Valerie was working in the Dungeons as an assisstant for around a week or so, that Basil and Valerie had both... Admitted their feelings for eachother, and were in love.​
Many, many, months later the Curse had struck Basil full force... A few weeks later, Basil could not take any more, and had gone to Uthrandir with Valerie to get cured by Zane.​
A year or so later... The Demon had grown much more powerful, Basil was on the brink of sanity... Luckily, Basil was having one of his moments, and Kuthian was one of the victims... A very long story short, Kuthian had performed an exorcism on Basil, and he was cured of the Demon.​
After being found reading books about Necromancy, Darkness, and things of that nature by Slade... Slade Corrupted Basil, and once again he had another being influencing his decisions. I'm so happy it happened, too. Many a month later, Luna had somehow destroyed the Voices, leaving Basil's mind, for the first time since being Corrupted, quiet... This depressed Basil for a long time, but eventually he got over it.​
Basil killed his first victim, his aunt, and he was disgusted by it. He very much so hates that he had to do it, and regrets it with every fiber of his being. He has never told anyone about it. Ever.​
Basil had cheated on his fiance, quickly ending the relationship. Kuthian had offered Basil to be his apprentice. Basil, of course, agreed. Basil has found religion, again. And has become Cleric of Shallheranna in Tauredal. While walking around Uthrandir, Basil had met Zemna. After a brief arguement, Zerna attacked Basil, and Basil had killed her in self-defence.​


Well! i have updated the page! All the paintings are now scanned and viewable in full image mode in the post! for everyone who wants his avatar to be his portrait, this should do alot better i think!
Thraall kzaka.jpg This is Kzaka Giantpick I. He was one of the first Dwarves of the Frostpeaks to enter existence. His father Kzax, the great one, was a fearless dwarf above average in every way: tall, strong, and one of the best Alchemists ever, he even had his own school to teach the young ones.
Kzaka was born in the biggest glittering cave ever made by the Dwarven kind, the Trivo. It's huge, but most of all beautiful. He was born under the name of Kzaka Giantpick I, for he is part of the Frostpeak royal family. His first job was to be an apprentice of his father, he taught Kzaka to fight, smith and brew special potions. Kzaka was his 3rd apprentice, the first two died in suspicious circumstances.
When Kzaka Giantpick was 22 and a half, he packed his bags and left his family, his to-be throne, and most of his people, He came to find a normal life. This is where Kzaka stumbled across Altera...