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To whom it may concern,

To any remaining nobles of the Kingdom of Marr, in particular those with influence in the Greater Azerport area, I Azure Cerridwen, Guardian of The Arget Islands request your presence in Arget to discuss the current state of your City and its future. Azerport is a city with a long storied history and since the departure of King Tybalt Rhett-Marr your city has fallen into disrepair and a state of squander. I have been silent on the issue out of respect for your departed King however I cannot in good conscience watch the documents and treasures of Marr left behind which span so much of the Northern Kingdoms history be pilfered one by one by bandits and the unworthy.

Should I not receive you, an emissary or a letter explaining why you cannot appear in person with satisfactory explanation I will assume the city of Marr to be in a state of anarchy. I will then gather an expedition force and travel to Azerport in person to enforce order until such a time that I can gather the documents and artifacts of Marr’s long history and bring them back to the Silver Library for safe storage.

I will invite all the major powers to share in our mission and share in the knowledge gained thereof. I shall be sending letters to the King of Anhald, the leader of the Elven nations and to any who wish to guard knowledge and advance their own. The leaders mentioned above will be receiving either a letter or emissary once the above time has been expired or they may contact me at my residence in The Arget Isles at their convience. If you are not any of those mentioned above and wish to participate you may visit me in The Arget Isles.

Azure Cerridwen


[OOC Notes]

1. This has not been placed RPly yet. I will update this when it has. The letter has been placed RP abounds!
2. This is the first part of an upcoming event yes giving folks time to approach me about it IC while we set things up OOC. There will be an event thread made later.
3. If you do take down the IC poster please return the OOC book to me as I'm not burning this many books.
4. Once placed RPly after about a week it could be considered public knowledge or your character could find out before hand by actually reading the poster IC.
5. Above art was made by Lady Alec I had scammed and mcjammed her out of credit my apologies.
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Message was placed in RP just now. Message boards in Arget and Zima'maloj would also have a copy of these. If you have a character that visits these places they can RP find it out. Otherwise in a few days it will become common knowledge either way.

*Goes to draw up an event page draft, will be up in a couple days*


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@Whoever took my poster, please return the ooc book to me. Its literally a link to this page and instructions on how to contact me to return said poster.