[Poster] Curb Your Bounty


Lord of Altera

"House Roseballs is a powerless house occupied by a single woman who would never find enough men to "leech" from to meet a bounty of five thousand, however, i'm a gambling man and i raise you five more. Ten thousand radiants on the capture of Arianne Fuvur so that i may laugh at her face in person and then let her scamper back off to her woods. If she happens to come herself, I'll remove the bounty.
Konung Cymic"
Bring this bitty to Halbed so Cymic can laugh at her, she may come to Halbed if she wants
Rossu Swiftspear

French Roast

Lord of Altera
*a certain disgruntled northerner adds a further 5,000 radiants, as well as 32 gold coins, a diamond, a quartz crystal, an emerald, a pigeon egg ruby, a prismarine crystal and an I.O.U. for one tankard of mead*

Edit: Yes this is legit and I will give you this in game
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