(Poster) Herenii Couple Looking to Adopt


Legend of Altera
*This poster is slapped up wherever they're allowed.*

*More in-depth information begins in a smaller print:*

I, Leontius Hostilius-Herennius, Master of Entertainment of the Asrakosian Dominion, and my wife, Violet Herennia, Logetheta of Astrakhan, are looking to adopt an infant child. Seeing that my wife is a Halfling and myself being Human, we are unable to conceive naturally. It would make a wonderful gift to be new parents this Hiems Gaudium.

If you are a parent in a position making you unable to care for such a child, we would be honored to take them in. No matter the child's race, parent's history, or any other factors. Violet and I will provide a wondrous life for your pride and joy.

If this at all interests you, please come visit my wife and I at our home in Valerius, or you can often find myself in Aelmere.

*OOC Information.*
Looking to be a parent IRP. Just the ONE KID! Not looking for a player to roleplay as the child, just looking for the NPC Child itself. So... If your character is preggo and unable to support-o, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Wasn't really sure what to do, or where to post this, so please #nohate, #appreciate, #smolbeansftw