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Headmistress Lillium Hal'Shinkmaho is in search of craftsmen within the trades of woodworking, stone masonry, metal shaping, and glass-working for a variety of different commissioned work. The items in question will serve as instruments in her upcoming classes, as well as potential for future contracting. Pay will be given for the commissioned items, as well as materials for these processes. Such will be done for the aid of the Ruby Isle Academy.


[OOC: I'd like to be able to commission craftsmen characters in order to get them more RP and work for their characters.]
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Storm's Landing
Ruby Isles Academy

Elz Paint Niko


Essentially a Chihuahua
Retired Council Member
For those still interested in this, I'd like to know if you'd prefer having the list of what items she wants commissioned on the main thread or if you wish to wait until I'm able to ask in RP.