Poster [Poster] Work Wanted (Scholar)

I am Wake

It took a lot to get here
Scholar seeking work.

Can study a range of topics and can write commissioned works, albeit fiction or a real study. Professional original work and scribe trained.

Send word to Innkeeper Jack at Storms Landing if interested.
Tell him you have work for one "Lana."


Legend of Altera
*a letter would be sent to via Jack, regarding potential work, it would be written with elegant handwriting with a map attatched leading to an island. The only words would state a request for further meeting*


Secretly both Niah and Elz
Retired Staff
A letter is left with jack

"Dearest Lana your service is requested at length for the Neri family. A fully rit of nobility and generational history, a deed of ownership, study into political matters of the realm, and other such notiry services will be required of you. Pay will be amendable to a above modest life should you accept. If your work is satisfactory the Neri family may consider you for patronage in your personal studies.

If interested please find Ricolani Neri in Vareci, the bright city north of the landing where you presumably are now. Letters sent there will find the Neri family.

i migliori saluti
- Familia de Neri"

*the letter is sealed with a cyan octopus sigil*