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Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
"Ding!.. Ding!.. Ding!.."

A final treatment to the armor before Arike had set down the rest of the filigree to it, before finishing embroidering the inside
and padding of this mans armor. It wasn't the measurements that were difficult, nor was it the tedious inner workings, but rather
time. The silvered lacing along the sides of the chest harness and epaulletes were amidst Arike's greater work in terms of adding
flavor to such a work of art; making it not only durable and lasting, but also stylish and ready for war. Surely the man who wore
this would be a fine addition to anyones collection, any kingdom, any army.

With each bolt and rivet lined along this coffin, so too would the protection of he who wore it. A light suit of armor forged and
prepared to last a life time, and perhaps, another lifetime, and a lifetime after that. Perhaps multiple eons. Regardless, a ash-wood
box is constructed, with bits and pieces riveted and nailed down with brazen nails. Two servants are ordered to rest in a pillow, one
on each side, and two woolen packing spots to hold down the specific pieces of armor:

-The Greaves, Sabatons, Gauntlets, are all aligned together.
-Chestplate, epaulets and tassets
-The Helmet, which was granted quite the filigree.
-Inside is a new addition to the man in question, a silver rondel dagger with a reddened, stained handle; stylish and deadly.

On the outside of the box is an excerpt; it is shortly sent after the packaging is done. The recipient knows who they are.

"Forsoothe, if a man treats his weapons and armor well, they too will treat him well, and longer;
May this armor and weapon serve you well, Divines Guide."

- The Paleblood.

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