Finished [Public] [7/21 at 2PM EST] The Teachings of the Light


Lord of Altera


Verum Illuminat et Veritas Praevalebilt.

Word is sent via criers and various posters, speaking of the remaining Blessed of the Lightbringer holding a different kind of sermon within the Grand Cathedral.
He wishes to open discussion regarding the Glorious Phoenix, and Her Worshippers. He encourages people to enter with open minds and prepare for both debate and discussion.
While he is hosting the event, he will not control any discussion that is brought up beyond keeping it civil and will act as a mediator should it be necessary.

Priest/Priestess/Religious Leader: Sir Podric Flanders
Public or Private: Completely Public
Temples or Shrines Involved: The Ignis Shrine within the Grand Cathedral of Storm's Landing.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved?: Iz Spawn.

Where: The Grand Cathedral [Ignis Shrine]
When: Aiming for next weekend [7/21 or7/22] at 2PM EST [7PM GMT/1PM CST]
What: A discussion regarding the Tenets and Worshippers of the Lightbringer. Non-Ignis Worshippers are encouraged to attend.
Classification: Moderate, but feel free to engage in Godly Shenanigans.
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"Without the Dark, there can be no Light. Without the Lie, there can be no Truth. Without the Lightbringer, there is Nothing."
"We have Purpose."
-Altered Quote from Warhammer 40k


Lord of Altera
Unless there's anyone interested and can not make it, this will be tomorrow at 1PM CST/2PM EST/7PM GMT


Amor Fati
Was planning to go, but will probably be unable to seeing as thats 3am for me.
Good luck though!!