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Public Formistry Grimoire

Discussion in 'The Grand Grimoire - Arcane Spells' started by TheDeester, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. TheDeester

    TheDeester Lord of Altera Staff Member

    The below is the list of Formistry spells that have been taught to apprentices for public use, publicized so that both they may reference it, as well as those afflicted or bearing witness may do the same. This is to keep honesty and cease confusion.

    Applicable to the current apprentice roster of:
    Lady Alec


    Credit to Ced and Omikuji for the below!

    Numb [5] - Arcturan Knot [Patch]
    [image to be added]
    Sewing Time: 5 seconds.
    Application: Anywhere on the body.
    Effects: This is a beginner Formist’s bread-and-butter when it comes to almost all of their stitching operations.
    Immediate and total numbing in a 5cm radius of the knot, which lasts for 10 minutes.
    Easy to incorporate into running stitches like Mend and Sew to alleviate the pain of the stitching itself.

    Sew [10] - Arrowhead Stitch [Runner]
    [image to be added]
    Sewing Time: 5 minutes.
    Application: Administered over an injury. If binding a cut or tear, applied along the ridges of the open tissue. A straight line.
    Effects: Closes cut skin and tears of up to 10cm long, as deep as 3cm.
    Does not fuse skin together. Does not absolve infections.
    Accelerates healing time of uninfected injuries by 150%, at which time the thread loses all magical properties, dissolving into the skin.

    Mend [5] - Feather Stitch [Runner]
    [image to be added]
    Sewing Time: 10 minutes.
    Application: Stitched to encircle the affected area.
    Effects: Repairs ruptured blood vessels under the skin to reduce swelling and tenderness in a 20cm area.
    Accelerates healing time by 200%, at which time the thread loses all magical properties and dissolves into the skin.

    Lull [15] - Four Legged Knot [Patch]
    [image to be added]
    Sewing Time: 5 seconds.
    Application: A diminutive but unpleasant stitch placed on or near blisters and shallow burns.
    Effects: Accelerates healing of any blisters, light burns, and abrasions within 10cm of the knot by 200%. Stays in the skin until the 10cm radius becomes healthy.
    If sewn on a healthy patch of skin, the knot stays in the skin for 5 days and prevents blisters from forming in its radius. At the end of 5 days, the threading dissolves into the skin.

    Hush [10] - Chevron Stitch [Runner]
    [image to be added]
    Sewing Time: 10 Minutes per side of jaw.
    Application: Woven in a line along the jawbone. DC increases by +1 if the patient isn't cleanly shaven, +3 if the jawbone is concealed behind a beard.
    Effects: Inhibits pain in the teeth, jaw, and gums (muscles included). The subject will feel immediate relief to any pains within.
    This does not heal the mouth, only easing it. It differs from numb as it reflects a pleasant sensation, and does not numb the afflicted area; instead just removing pain.
    Effect wears off over 6 hours, threads required to be removed by hand.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017 at 4:56 AM
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