Upcoming [Public] Games of Jolly Cooperation [Today - 3 EST]


Lord of Altera

Jonathan Windsor invites all who wish to gain favour and fortune in the name of Jax to the Cathedral in Storm's Landing.
Games will be played, drinks will be drank and fun shall be had.

A special invitation is extended to the Blessed of Jax, Cymic of the Sangrian Empire.

Short as hell notice. Its basically going to be Johnny trying to gamble and hustle money out of whoever shows up.
Games included will be:
- Basic Dice Games [each player rolls a 3d6, the player with the highest total receives 10-20 radiants off of every other player and gets to ask a single, no holds barred question of the player with the lowest total.]

- Gravel thing [each player will bid x amount of money as to whether the dealer's cup has a marble inside. then the dealer tips their cup (block of gravel) and the bids are paid based on the result. If a player is wrong, they pay the dealer if the dealer is wrong they pay the player.]

- Coin toss [heads or tails, one player flips the coin and the other calls the result. if the called result is correct, the player receives the bid. if it is wrong, they lose the bid. 1- tails, 2 - heads]

other games can be played too, just suggest them IC. its basically just an organised gambling sesh at the cathedral as opposed to at taverns and stuff.

Ayda Jeroxia Luam Elz Kamaoe Cymic_
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The Green One
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Can't make it for many reasons.
One being that my event was scheduled for the same time, however that'll be moved because of IRL.
Have fun everyone.~