Poster [Public Notice] A response


Lord of Altera

Less than a year ago, I was a self-confessed heathen.
I despised Ignis Synnove and all that she stood for.
Podric Flanders changed this.
He taught me of the light and of what Ignis Synnove stands for.

He took me to the place that he and my father were first visited by the Lightbringer
and he begged for her forgiveness on my behalf. To look down upon me with pity
for the foolish paths I had taken. To forgive me for abandoning Her in favour of tutelage under
Brennard Westmay in the Arcane arts.

Podric looked to the skies and prayed. He asked the heavens to answer a single question.

"Give us a sign if you believe this man, Francis MacRammbar, is fit to follow in the steps of his father, as Francis de Courtnay."

I set my arcane focus into the flames and opened my sinner's heart to God
and in Her grace and mercy, She looked down with warmth instead of malice.
With a great beam of blinding light, She destroyed the very mace that I once sought to
use to cast magic and in a voice that roared like a thousand hearths, She declared
Her actions to be

"For the Glory of the Light!"

While it certainly saddens me that my own family would denounce me. It is not the first
time that the world has tried to take my inheritance from me. For this reason, I do not hold any
ill will for the rash actions of the Lady Fleur de Courtnay, for it is that of a God-fearing woman.
A God-fearing woman who did not understand the reasoning behind my actions.

Before his death, my father and Podric Flanders planned
something huge in the name of the Lightbringer.
They planned for a temple larger and grander than any seen before.
My father failed to build this temple due to his blindsided hatred for a deity that bore him no ill-will.
Podric has failed to build this temple due to his unwavering loyalty to the realm and his need to see it protected.

I will not fail to build this temple.

I have sacrificed sanctified ground, and for that I can only hope that God understands.
But I do it all in the name of a temple much larger. A shrine that will bring glory and
spectacle to the name of Ignis Synnove.

For I am a follower of Ignis Synnove and Her will is my command.

Attached to this notice are various drawings, signed by Podric and Maceo that depict a large
cavernous temple with great pillars of Gold and Marble.