(Public Poster) Work Needed


Lord of Altera

Lady Lucia de Courtnay and Lady Njorun de Courtnay of Avignon require women to work in the household as handmaidens. Duties may or may not include nursing amongst regular work.
The ideal maid would be respectful, obedient and observe proper etiquette. Experience with handling small children will be looked favourably upon but is not required.

Board in Avignon is provided, of course, and pay may be negotiated with Lady Lucia. One may also delve in some of the luxuries of the manor, if seen in good favor. To add, a hard-working maiden is more likely to have richer clothing than one that rarely does her job.

To inquire further, travel to Avignon before the month’s end. Lady Lucia looks forward to meeting you.

Lucia de Courtnay,
Mistress of Relations

(Cukie1 thanks for your help :heart:)

Lucia’s looking for more people to boss around. Going purely by RP, Lucia might not end up actually hiring anybody. Please come RP with me if you’re interested!

This poster will be placed at the Crossroads and Avignon soon c: