Finished {Public} The Cloaked Sail - Part I [Saturday 23rd 7pm gmt +1]


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The Cloaked Sail - Part I

Rumours are carried by many sailors, bringing news into the taverns they frequent. The news is a tale of woe, depicting the tale of a great storm that stuck the Astrum Isles and the damage that ensued. The rumors also tell of a strange beast from the sea, that washed up onto the beaches of Astrum Island. Shortly after the rumours started their circulation, many Astrum Islanders - identifiable from their Astremian robes - start to hand out and put up notices in all major cities and set to all allies of House Astrum. The parchment would be crisp with elegant handwriting, each of them seemingly handwritten by Count Lune Tekton, accompanied by his signature and the crest of House Astrum.

Greetings to the readers of this letter.

It brings me great sadness to have seen the results that such a terrible storm has plagued the waters of the Astremian Isles, this storm damaged our boats, our piers and even the property of our people. The storm carried debris and dirt in which has created a dark stain upon our lands, my only consolidation is that - despite numerous scrapes or damages - all are alive and well. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the lower parts of the city, in which the flood wall had not yet been extended to cover, which lead to a loss of stability to several structures. Alongside this, we also had a visitor onto our beach, a creature from the sea which despite its youth and innocence, was still swept away by waves not of tranquillity but instead of spite.

I am referring as many of the rumours may have already depicted, to a part of sea life which has found its way upon to our shore and has since found itself trapped. A baby whale. Such a beautiful creature which we must all strive to safe. The Astremian people have made sure to keep the creature as soaked as possible but hope and morale runs low. This is why I call to the fine people from across the land, despite religion, despite race, despite faction, to help us get this wonderful example of life back to its home. We are looking for the strongest and the most compassionate to help us put right what this storm has taken from us, and allow the waves to once more sweep our land in passion and not the anguish of more life.

I call upon each of the readers of the letter to search their compassion and grit, in order to heal - regardless of prior inclinations. Those who wish to help us rebuild our foundations and rescue such an innocent creature should head immediately for the Astrum Island. We shall provide for the travel, food and accommodation of all the noble souls who come to the aid of those who need it. I myself shall be praying and calling upon Sallana to assist this creature and I ask for those to accompany me in prayer for this noble creature. We fear that the creature does not have much time left for us to assist it, and so I was forced to issue this call for one final effort, to either help this creature find it's way home, or offer it comfort in its final moments.

I thank you all and wish your travels to be safe and well. May waves of tranquillity sweep the land once more.

Signed -
Count Luné Tekton


Hello All! So now that a large chunk of Astrum Island is done and the refurbishment of the city is complete, I am proud to say that the first Astrum based event chain is about to commence! This event chain has had a lot of thought and planning going into it and will hopefully be fun for you guys too! The chain will consist of four major events, ranging in the classification. The events will also - hold your breath - be more exciting than just rescuing a whale and will start to delve into a lot of the lore and backstory of the island. I also hope these events will get you guys used to the island and hopefully spark more RP in the region. So with all this sappy babbling out of the way, here is the OOC information.

The Astremians call their allies, friends and any others who will respond to come to help them push a baby whale back into the ocean. Lune will also be offering a preayer session, to call upon Sallana to assist their efforts.

Date & Time:
Saturday 23rd, 7:00 gmt +1

Peaceful and Public

Astrum Island


Current List of Participants:

1) Icanra - Lune Tekton
2) Oveny - Ichien Tekton
3) Moo_Bot - Drew Swift
4) CobwebCrimson - Crimson Kracken
5) GalaxyCrazyWolf - Rai
6) The_VALKYRIE - Tae Dur
7) ATepidCupOfTea - Cenric Balder
8) Niko - Reivos


If you want to participate in the event or simply have any questions, please do not hesitate to message. Please send any event critique and the like to PMs, this event is fully approved by staff so its allllll good.
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Aw man, this is such a Kopii thing for him to go off too, sadly I'm working all that weekend. Best of luck for that baby whale!


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I'll definitely be going! My character is Drew Swift, just moved into the area and there's already an event :D