Quote's, Quote's of your RP Char!



I notice, many people in the world say funny things, even brave and sad thing's.
But what is our best line, we have all wrote down for our person to say?
Write it here, and never forget!

Gromm Wake:
"How dare you call me small! I am average for my age and height! *Compares to human, finds out he is small* Well, of course I'm small...but I'm tall for a dwarf! And better then a gnome!"

Cooke Wake:
"My name's Cooke. Cooke for Cookie *Giggles*"


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My old RP char once said, "Mr Elf man! This man is on a chair! *notices elf man is on a chair to* *gasp* Mr Chair man! Mr Chair man over here!"

And my new RP char Havoki once said, "Ok Valcy, you can go, I'll just steal some- I mean!... *eyes dart around nervously*"


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Part of the reason I love Basil is the funny things he says...

"Shut up, kiss the bride, worship Shallheranna, don't honeymoon at my house."

"Fire is helpful! Helpful, dammit! Fire! Is! Helpful! *Fires another fireball at Alexantria*"

"Sanity is just... Y'know...... Not quite as... Fun... As insanity..."

"You calm down, dammit! I'm completely calm! Can't you blooded tell, arse!"


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Once, someone said to me, "You're a werewolf!" and I replied "What, a werewolf? No, these aren't claws, and uh, look! A mermaid who wants to be your wife!"
And another time, someone saw me say "*jumps off the cliff like i am committing suicide*" So, someone dragged me to the shore, after seeing me not breathing for a moment, they looked solemn, then I jumped up and said "Hah! You belived that I- *falls down dead*"


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In a very deadpan voice, "Take off all your clothes. "

The other person had fallen into a frozen lake and she just got him to a fire, but his clothes were sodden and he was sneezing.


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I also had a recent meet with a friend, in which I made him some tea... Accidently added some sleeping herbs... and he passed out.
When he woke up, he had on no clothes... I explained to him what happened by saying,
"Ok, so when you fell asleep, I tried to pick you up. But I accidently dropped you... You then fell to the floor below. The vibrations from the fall knocked an ember out of the fireplace which set the carpet on fire... The fire then spread to the plants and, as we all know, plants explode when set on fire... The explosion then alerted a pack of wild dogs... They came and tried to take him away and I was going to help him but instead I hid behind the counter... They dragged him off... took a whiff of him and tosses him back. I then dragged him up the stairs to one of the rooms and lay him on the bed. His clothes were all torn so I got him some new ones and changed him. I then went to get some water... when I got back... I tripped and spilled all the water on his fresh clothes... He had no more fresh clothes so I just took off his clothes and waited..."
P.S. This is not word for word but it was really just a Havoki idea... all his imagination...


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''Ze Heretics will be burned''!

''Call the defenders of Might, tonight we dine in the nether''!


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"You like flowers..? How could one enjoy another being's suffering on display?"

"I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy digg- Ahhhg! Bandit!" (Ok, I once said that in ooc, but still pretty funny)

"If you're going to drown, you might as well drown being sung beautiful songs by beautiful fish ladies."

"Travelers these days are like moths... always beating themselves senseless against the fire at camp.."


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hmm... These are scattered by the RP characters I had over time.
"I wasn't built to lose..." - Scardrac
"Still-Dark shall prevail!" - Slade
"Every shot counts..." - Scardrac
"Yok-Tarr-Rhhaa!" - Adak-Yok-Dahriim
"But killing the children is the fun part..." -Slade
[might remember more later ;3]


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"Need I give you proof that I undoubtably, unmistakably, the best diplomat in Altera?... Let me show you my fiance..."-Mori Adam Saeradan, Ramblings of the Diplomat


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"Bloody elves, stink of lavendar!"

"Ale, Gold and A big shaft, could life be any better?"

"Pff, magic."

"Today, we dig, for glory!"

-King Hrothgar.


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Azerath ~ "*Eyes Glow, And Hourglasses Begin To Appear, Chains Whipping And Lashing In Every Direction* Hah! I have beat- *Is Slapped By A Chain, And Is Knocked Unconscious Into The Water*"
Didn't exactly work as well as I wanted it to :l


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Zran: You....um...You are the ugliest being to ever be! You are too terrible an eye soar for this world!

Zazi (Possessed Alexantria): ... You realize this is not my true form...it is Alex's body.... and she can hear you.

Zran: Oh. Right....