Raal's Art Thread


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I feel like I could've made a more clever name for this thread. Oh well. Ima post some art.

I guess I should preface this with stuff I do? Idk. I'm still learning the arts. I've taken drawing and painting classes at school so some of these may be assignments. I like doing art, and if you want art from me you can ask. We'll see what I can get done.

Uhh....i like drawing with ink. Mostly because I really started doing stuff daily after Inktober and never really stopped. I'm also trying to pick up digital art. So... Here we go.

This was a digital art piece I did a while back. Wooo.

Figure Study:

Inktober stuff:

Day 1 (Teeming):

Day ??? (Cloud):

Day ??? (I don't know what the topic was):

Day ??? (Ship, maybe):


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Additional stuffs I found in my art folder:
(I apologies for the large pictures. I am not an html wizard).

This sketch above was actually a still life. I was at my grandparent's property. Yeah, the truck has a bullet hole, but we're not sure why......

Also, I like sketching Jaden.