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Raal's Art Thread


Loyal Servant of Altera
Working on a Krita piece for funsies. I am terrified of the ocean, but in an odd way, it also intrigues me.

[WIP] Progress update 1:


Loyal Servant of Altera
Now that I am back, I will post some pieces from when I was away.

Landscaping Practice

Character Realism Practice - Kit Harrington

I swear I had more, but this is it for now.


Loyal Servant of Altera
Working on transferring this piece to a digital art medium :) My dad and I were playing an HP Lovecraft card game that has different campaign. Enemies you don't defeat in the first game carry on into the next, and we had this frightening cleaver-murdering wolf skull masked cultist coming to kill us. We never defeated him, so he will show up in the next game. I thought a foreboding picture would be appropriate.



Loyal Servant of Altera
I finished a majority of the grey scale. Honestly, I will probably not color this piece because I am ready to move on. x.x

Also, I cheat with textures besides the guy and the chair. if someone is allowed to submit a toilet to a museum as art, I get to use google for textures.


Loyal Servant of Altera
5/13/2018 - Update of a Bunch of WIP

I have no new finished pieces but I have a lot to work on. :p

So here's what I got so far (also this is half functioning as my to-do list)

(Because I like to always have one piece for me that I'm working on)
Raalvara Portrait:

Original Sketch. The face is more a place holder since I intended to translate this sketch to a digital medium.

The First Outline Sketch.

Joseph and Eltsir ~ JoeJoe

Original Image -- The Corrections/ Digital sketch has yet to come.

Request: Draw an Eltsir dragging a Wounded Joe. It was from that one event or something an apparently there was a giant wolf that was corrupted and idk what happen but here is a picture.

Otto Stained Glass Tryptic ~ Paint

Retracing lines and replacing the crosses I had beforehand with additional poses. progress is super slow though. Forgive the black square of doom -- Krita just does this.

I think I have other stuff to draw, but that's on the back burner right now.

Coming Up After I do this stuff:
-Cymic's Portrait (I am so sorry I need to rework this entirely.)
-Jaden's Sword


If you would like for me to draw something, I need the practice and will throw it in my queue! Although, I cannot promise that I will get to it :)
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