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Raalvara Mason
Nickname/Alias: Raal

By Smurf :)

More Art:

Art by me! :)

Key Information:
Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Social Status: Minor Nobility

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130

Current Home: Linlea

Physiology / Gear:

Build: Raalvara is a slim woman with broad shoulders and a toned body from her swordplay.

Hair: Dirty blonde hair braided and fashioned into a faux-hawk.

Eyes: Round, pale Blue eyes.
Skin: Her skin is slightly tan from time spent on the road and under the sun.

Identifying Marks / Scars:
  • Litter of tiny, thin scars and healing scratches around her face and eyes.
  • Several long scars on her right arm.
  • A horizontal scar on her lower right torso.
  • The braid she normal wore in front is now gone - woven into the rest of her hair.

  • Claymore: A steel Claymore given to her by Jaden Seeker.
  • Dirk: A Dirk that she wears attached to her thigh given to her by Podric Flanders.
  • Bola(s): A 4-ball bola for breaking bones and taking names.

  • Basic Clothing.
  • Assorted Armor: Leather Pieces (front piece, pauldron, gloves) and Metal Pieces (Pauldron to gauntlet on right arm, chainmail, helmet)
  • A small purse.
  • A deck of cards.
  • A roll of bandages.
  • Hair beads.

Qualities & Flaws:
  • Headstrong
  • Confident
  • Brave (Or perhaps Foolhardy) - Willing to participate in dangerous situations
  • Resourceful

  • Dueling
  • Pride
  • Irritable
  • Greedy
  • Stubborn
  • Betrayal
  • Birds
  • Finding she is weaker than others
Intelligence: Educated in a house of a scholar. Fairly literate, and enjoys reading and writing. She can be slow to learning newer concepts.

  • Common: This is all she's got. Other languages are for nerds.

Profession: Ranger - Patrol for Queensport - Bounty Hunter/Investigator

Ethics and Motivations:

Short-Term Goals:
  • Find some better armor components for her outfit.
  • Craft a new Bola.
  • Train Tania
  • Marriage (eventually)
Long-Term Goals:
  • Conquer the River
  • Hunt Lector Krause
  • End the Plague.

Religion: Searching....
  • Curious of Rahas (even in death) and his doctrine due to time with James Varyn.
  • "Thank you, Sallana, for healing me."

Romantic Interests:
  • James Varyn(TheDeester ) : "It wasnt you. I pray that you are not too far gone."

  • Ayda(Ayda ): "You have seen much and experienced much. I was hurt when you were cross with me, but I suppose things have smoothed out now."
  • Joe(JoeJoe ): "You are perhaps the closest person to me. I will always protect you, and I know you will do the same."
  • Katla(Arcana ): "You are my own family for now. I will make your needs my own. I vow to find your mother, or to do what I can to fill the empty spaces."
  • Tania(StarWillow2000): "I vow that I shall become a better teacher for you and supply all that I have so you can protect those who you wish to protect."
Close Friends:
  • Leofaren Venna(Shankster ): "You have always been there. Every time something has happened, you have never failed to have been there for me. There is no other that has been as good a friend as you have been to me."
  • Podric(Luam): "I hope that you do not take my anger and our disagreements as a lack of trust or faith in your opinion. Your opinion is valuable to me, and truth in times when it is not easy."
  • Kopii(Omikuji): "You are a great healer and the reason we are all living. Thank you for what you have done for us all."
  • Rose(Ayda ): "Sometimes I feel good woman companions are sparse and hard to find. Our conversations are pleasant. I hope we will see each other often at Landing."
  • Karn(ironassassin): "Our meetings are pleasurable and our conversations intriguing."
  • Lyssain(Raphael Payne): "I am frustrated and you know why. Some things are not to be spoken. We've still work to do, though."
  • Otto(Paint): "I have come to speak with you more these days and enjoy your company. And as good of a friend as you are, you are just as good efficient in times of crisis - a good partner in investigation."
  • Oskar: "You have consoled me during the loss of my fiance. I have respect for you and your dedication to making sure I am well and safe."

  • Ilyria(Jinny ): "I am sorry for leaving. I wish you the best of luck."
  • Ashna(Solus): "You are pleasant to speak with and a good host. Perhaps there will be a time that we can converse less in business and more in leisure."
  • Melarue(Elz): "You have good insight with things. I wish to hear your perspective more often."
  • Elizabeth Kane(NIAH): "I like you a lot. You mean a lot to James. But.....There are some things I am wary of..."
  • Sophia(Jinny ): "I will not let you die again - and I will not let you save me again."
  • Varg(Old-Seadog): "I feel as though you are a sleeping gem - quiet yet underestimated. You genuinely interest me and I wish to see more of you."
  • Asero(Electric): "You have saved my life once, and I yours. I feel we are even now. You are a spirited fellow - perhaps even a friend."
  • Jaden Seeker(CloakedReaper ): "You are once again pleasant to be around. Perhaps we will work together once again when the time calls for it."
  • Fleur de Courtnay(Smurf ): "I would like to be your friend if you are willing."
  • Grey(Estes241): "On multiple occasions, you've proven yourself both a wise warrior and man. I admire you for such."
  • Kam(Kamaoe) : "I am incredibly relieved you were at the expedition to the cave. Thank you for helping us and leading."
  • The Black Company: "It does not matter to me - the opinion the others have of you. You are worthy warriors."
  • Lilith(Arcana): "I am glad you have found who you are looking for."
  • Haldir: "I have not seen you in a very long time."
  • Charles Kane(Lannis ): "I value your participation and contribution to the plague."
  • Caerwyn(Rygan): "I want to like you - you are a capable warrior - however, I have not yet reason to think you a friend. I do, however, wish you the best with your company.
Wary Of:
  • Alison Kane(Elz ): "Why is it you Kane women stare so much?"
  • Francis(BoredBrit ): "I will tolerate you."
  • Olive(Smurf ): "I don't know what has become of you or where your heart is at."
  • Evelyn(Lannis): "I can't pretend to understand you. What is done is done."


The List:
  • The woman: "Show your face again. Do wrong again. And I will be there waiting."
  • Lector Krause: "I will find you - your days are numbered. The plagued has delayed me, but I hunt you down and I will be the one to take your life."
  • Landing Killer: "You have evaded me in Compendium, but worry not - I will find you."
  • Cross Killer: "You cannot hide in the shadows forever."

Theme Song:
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