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Active Raalvara Mason, The Mercenary


It took a lot to get here
Raalvara Mason
Nickname/Alias: Raal

More Art:

By the Wonderful Elz!~

Key Information:
Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Social Status: Peasant

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130

Current Home: Queensport

Physiology / Gear:

Build: Raalvara is a slim woman with broad shoulders and a toned body from her swordplay.

Hair: A dirty blonde hair chopped off probably by herself more for convenience than for appearance. She wears a single braid in front with a varying amount of beads.

Eyes: Round, pale Blue eyes.

Skin: Her skin is slightly tan from time spent on the road and under the sun.

Identifying Marks: She wears a single braid on the front of her hair always.

  • Small Dagger: A dagger that is always fashioned to her hip.
  • Longsword: A simple longsword gifted to Raalvara from Jaden Seeker.
  • Bola(s): A 4-ball bola for breaking bones and taking names.
  • Rope: A stretch of rope.

  • Basic Clothing.
  • Gambeson, Leather pieces of armor on upper chest and mid-chest, Leather gloves, Shin guards, Leather Boots, Headband
  • A small purse.

Qualities & Flaws:
  • Headstrong
  • Confident
  • Brave (Or perhaps Foolhardy) - Willing to participate in dangerous situations
  • Resourceful

  • Dueling
  • Pride
  • Irritable
  • Greedy
  • Stubborn
  • Betrayal
  • Death
  • Rats
  • Finding she is weaker than others
  • Commitment

Intelligence: Educated in a house of nobility. Fairly literate, and enjoys reading and writing. She can be slow to learning newer concepts.

  • Common: This is all she's got. Other languages are for nerds.

Profession: Ranger - Patrol for Queensport - Bounty Hunter/Investigator

Ethics and Motivations:

Short-Term Goals:
  • Money: "The world lives and breathes for coin."
  • More Training: "It's time I learn to perform with what I know rather than focus solely on what I don't know." "Nope. Training matter more."
  • Nicer Clothing: "I would love a wardrobe for different occasions." "Only durable clothes matter. I go through a pair so quickly."

Long-Term Goals:
  • Glory: "There will be a day when I have done a deed worth praising and a name and title worth speaking."
  • Power: "If I do not grow in strength, there is no hope of defeating my opponent."

Religion: "It does not matter after all..."

  • Jaden Seeker(CloakedReaper ): "I have doubts. You are....forward in the way you speak to others. I do not want to believe that you are like they say - Just a strong man with a temper, but sometimes that's all I see. You feel distant from me."
  • Ayda(Ayda ): "I love you like my sister. We have a strong bond separated by nothing."
  • Joe(JoeJoe ): "Congratulations, brother. I hope your new power suits you well. We need to visit with each other more."

  • Leofaren Venna(Shankster ): "I regret the things I have said to you. I hope you will come to forgive me."
  • James Varyn(TheDeester): "We make such strange friends, I think."
  • Charles Kane(Lannis): "I do not think I can be without you anymore. You are more important to me than any other."
  • Kopii(Omikuji): "I have spoken sourly to you. I will apologize for being rude and the way that I had spoken. I hope that you could perhaps find it in your heart to forgive me."
  • Rose(Ayda ): "Sometimes I feel good woman companions are sparse and hard to find. Our conversations are pleasant. I hope we will see each other often at Landing."
  • Karn(ironassassin): "Our meetings are pleasurable and our conversations intriguing."
  • Lyssain(Raphael Payne): "I am frustrated and you know why. Some things are not to be spoken. We've still work to do, though."


  • Ilyria(Jinny ): "I am sorry for leaving. I wish you the best of luck."
  • Dravos Slynt(PitaChipBoi ): "Rest in peace, friend."
  • Ashna(Solus): "You are pleasant to speak with and a good host. Perhaps there will be a time that we can converse less in business and more in leisure."
  • Melarue(Elz): "You have good insight with things. I wish to hear your perspective more often."
  • Podric(Luam): "The friend of my friend is ...also my friend."
  • Sophia: "I respect your efforts. I hope your promotion allows you some ease into authority. You've a long way to go."
  • Otto(Paint): "I've seen you briefly - a friend of Jaden's. I believe you also live near me. We must chat more."
  • Lilith(Arcana): "I am glad you have found who you are looking for."
Wary Of:
  • Olive(Smurf ): "I do not know what to think of you yet. But what the hell did you spray on me?"
  • Elizabeth Kane(NIAH): "I do not think you are the culprit of my investigation, no. You ask many questions, however, and it makes me uncomfortable."
  • Alison Kane(Elz ): "Why is it you Kane women stare so much?"


  • Maer: "You have insulted and belittled me. I have chosen to give you mercy in what has occurred. If I find out you accompanied Cedlas, I will put you where light does not shine."
  • Lector Krause:

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