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Key Information:
Full Name: Countess Raalvara Varyn

Maiden Name: Raalvara Mason

Nicknames: Raal, Vara, Vera

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Social Status: Minor Nobility

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130

Current Home: Linlea

Profession: Investigator, Blessed, Countess

Physiology / Gear:

Build: Raalvara is a slim woman with broad shoulders and a toned body from her consistent training.

Hair: Dirty blonde hair braided and fashioned into a mix of various braids depending on the day.

Eyes: Round, pale Blue eyes.
Skin: Raalvara has pale skin, deformed in many places by a litter of scars.

Identifying Marks / Scars:

  • Litter of tiny, thin scars and healing scratches around her face and eyes.
  • Several long scars on her right arm.
  • A horizontal scar on her lower right torso.
  • A slash across her face from right chin to left brow.
  • A long upwards scar on her left side of her torso
  • Damascus Steel Arming Sword: Forged for her by Jhaeros Given to Johanna Fischer
  • Buckler: Forged by Jhaeros
  • Embossed Steel Sword: Given as a Wedding Gift from Sophia
  • Dirk: A Dirk that she wears attached to her thigh given to her by Podric Flanders.
  • Bow: Given to her by Tania.
  • Wardrobe of Clothing at home.
  • Assorted Hand-Me-Down Armor: Leather and Metal pieces. (sorted often amongst her students)
  • Half Plate Mail (actually leans more towards full plate mail) -- Chestplate missing after gifting it to a priest
  • A satchel
  • Cheap Parchment and Charcoal
  • A cloth/rag
  • Canteen
  • A deck of cards.
  • A roll of bandages.
  • Hair beads.

Qualities & Flaws:

  • Headstrong
  • Confident
  • Brave (Or perhaps Foolhardy)
  • Resourceful
  • Pride
  • Irritable
  • Stubborn
  • Betrayal
  • Birds
  • Weakness

  • Investigation (Adept): Raalvara has dedicated a lot of time as a Bounty Hunter and as a Warrior tracking people and things down and seeing them brought to justice.
  • Swordplay (Adept): Raalvara is becoming more skilled at swordplay after training daily and often with her husband.
  • Fist-Fighting (Adept): Raalvara is a scrappy fighter. It was something more self-taught, something from days long ago and well practiced now.
  • Sewing/Weaving(Proficient): In her downtime, Raalvara appreciates handiwork in sewing and weaving as they provide useful conclusions.
  • Cooking(Learning...): A skill Raalvara has began to pick up during the Blight as she began to feed a household.
Intelligence: Educated in a house of a scholar. Fairly literate, and enjoys reading and writing.

  • Common (Fluent) - Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Rede (Learning) - Reading, Speaking (Basic)

Ethics and Motivations:

Short-Term Goals:
  • Train and Nurture Students
  • Organize and Plan...
  • Leave the Landing
  • Care for Family
  • Find Aleksander
  • Find Lector Krause
  • Protect the Village
  • Dedicate Valiant Shrine
Long-Term Goals:
  • Conquer the River
  • Hunt Lector Krause
  • End the Plague.
  • Find Favor in Valiant's Eyes
  • Raise Children
  • Obtain Heavenstone
Religion: Pious

Blessed of Valiant [
x] - Tier 1

Sermons Held:
  • Storm's Landing Cathedral (2)
  • Pilgrimage (1)

  1. I am married to James Varyn. No matter the cost or circumstance - I am his and he is mine.
  2. I will follow the tenants of Valiant the best that I can.
  3. I will hunt and kill Lector Krause.
  4. I will raise my children to be decent people.
  5. I will hold up the name of Justice before my God.
  6. I will conquer my River.


Immediate Family:

  • James Varyn - Husband(TheDeester ): While our relationship may be tumultuous, you are truly my greatest love.
  • Katla Varyn - Adopted Daughter(Arcana ): Of any child I have raised or instructed, I am most proud of you, darling.
  • Seraphine Varyn - Firstborn: What are you to become?
  • Francis De Courtnay - Nephew(BoredBrit ): You have disgraced your line, your faith, and yourself with the filth of chaos.
  • Frey Varyn - James’ Cousin(Mitch ): ...
  • Fleur De Courtnay (Smurf ): Perhaps one day we will speak again.
  • Johanna Fischer (Smurf ): I am supposed to say I am sorry, but I am really not.
  • Njorun (Cukie1 ) : I can see where James gets his sweetness.
  • Garen Varyn (Azur ) : One of the few Varyns I can tolerate. You interest me.
  • Varyn Household: “I hate most of these people besides my own."
  • Her “Children” / Students
    • Tania(StarWillow2000 ): You were like my right hand.
    • Vashti(Charybdis ): You were like my daughter.
    • Virnaak(Vincentius ): You were a good companion and smoking buddy.
    • Aneworia(Knightly ): Where have you gone?
    • Uriel(BoredBrit ): You have so much potential. Hang in there.
  • Close Family-Friends
    • Joseph Vaylen(JoeJoe ): Are you still my brother?
    • Ayda(Ayda ): I think that I can trust you. One of the few.
    • Leofaren Venna(Shankster ): You are one of the greatest people I know, and I think highly of several.
    • Kitrana Dawnriver(French Roast ): You are my right hand.
    • Gilligan Kearney(Samwych ): I miss you.
    • Sadbh(Magiik ): You were light in my life.
  • Otto(Paint ): We used to be good partners.
  • Podric: We must persevere in friendship for the good of others and the destruction of evil.
  • Duke Charles Kane(Lannis ): You are almost...completely trustworthy.
  • Countess Elizabeth Kane(NIAH ): I cannot decide who has the best advice - you or your brother?
  • Aleksander Kane(Solus ): I do not believe you'd simply disappear. I will find you.
  • Jaden(CloakedReaper ): You get things done. Hopefully - we are friends again.
Interesting/Beneficial Persons:
  • Lady Ashna(Solus ): Wise, Elegant, Leader
  • Lord Grey: Wise, Strong, Solitary
  • Lord Gael Dugald(Scardrac ): Powerful, Knowledgeable, Respectable
  • Melarue(Elz ): Doctor, Beautiful, Elegant
  • Caerwyn(Rygan ): Immature, Proud, Amusing
  • Kamoe Hakiaz(Kamaoe ): Leader, Wise, Strong
  • Rian(FrostGuardian ): Dish-breaker, Savage
  • Ater(Magiik ): Witty, Charming, Clever
  • Kopii(Omikuji ): Friend, Healer, Powerful
  • Lisbet(Elz ): Clever, Interesting
  • NikolcheNiko ): Majestic, Fun, Good Company
  • Cymic (Cymic_ ): Humorous, Observant, Odd
  • Florian(Cap ): Powerful, Proud, Necessary
  • Alison Kane(Elz ): Intimidating, Kind, Unkind
  • Evelyn(Lannis ): Useful, Dark, Intimidating
  • Sophia(Jinny ): Rival, Friendly, Proud
  • Ajax (Cymic_ ): Shady, Helpful, Suspicious
  • Asiria Warrens: Annoying, Self-righteous, Ignorant
  • Oskar Harrister: Self-righteous, Greedy, Gone
  • Lector Krause - "It has been a long time, my friend. But the hunt is once again nigh."
  • The Landing Killer - "We will see..."
  • The Cross Killer - "If it was not a trick of the Blight, they are perhaps forever gone. I will never know for sure."
  • Dravos: “Rest in Peace, friend.”
  • Lyssain: “Where have you gone?”
  • Lord Gael Dugald(Scardrac ): I will help in avenging you and I will support your wife.



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