Active Ranger: Joseph Seeker


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Essential Information:

Current Status: Reaping what benefits that come from the end of the plague, enjoys nights of easy rest. Currently traveling in-between Storm's Landing and Queensport, a rough journey, to restore connections and hold knowledge of what's happened after the Blight's end.

⊲Full Name: Joseph Van Vaylen Seeker
Nickname(s): Joe, Boy, Forever-Apprentice (Self, but no longer in use)
-’The Ranger’, Knighthood title given by Count Varyn. Not used in occasional introductions.

Age: Looks to have just surpassed his teenage years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relationship: Courting
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Date of Birth: He does not know the exact day but knows that once Spring has passed that he ages one year.
Date of Death: ---
Current Home: Wherever Jaden leads him
but considers it to be mainly Theola.


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Old Relations, mostly prevalent from when I edited this last (1/4/19). If you want In-Depth relations, ask me OOC (JoJoJoeJoe#9579 Discord) or just ask Joseph himself ICly.
The Lads:
The Lads.

Considered Family:
(For the sake of me not typing it out 50 times, whoever is in here, Joseph would gladly risk his life for them.)

Jaden: This man is considered not only his commanding officer in his eyes but a Father, Jaden has inspired more change in Joseph than any other, changing many of his wonts and doings for the better. Now that he holds the silver around his neck, he couldn't be gladder four long years passed under his instruction.
Raalvara: Unfortunately with the ending of the plague, Joseph only sees this woman and their relationship drifting further and further away, but he chooses to remember their past together which he cherishes. Hopefully, she'll be energetic all the same the next time he bumps into her.
She is energetic as always and with strong conviction, a good mother now as well. He envies this but is proud for her all the same.
Glynn: The Glynnkeep has returned, but now with an illness unknown to him, he would be concerned if he weren't in the hands of Ater and Gilligan. One of the other humorous outlets within the Rangers, and someone who carries advice that should be taken.
Ater: Ater is often one he can turn to for mutually assured humor, a trait that has helped move along this apprentice in transitions of his life in the Rangers. Though it likely may not be shown or told, Ater is an outlet he uses for humor or more childlike endeavors. Time passes and his view upon Ater is kinder than before, just now recognizing that this Sool is nobler than what had originally come to mind.
Eltsir: Lost and a Wanderer, Uncle
Ayda: Another fellow Eviscist, a budding one at that, he wishes silently good fortune for her well-being and precaution for the magic she'll delve in to.
Podric: Joseph would rather have the want to die before ever seeing the Zealot's death, the only remaining person he sees often from his blissful and terribly reckless youth. More than camaraderie has formed over the years, a brotherhood. If Joseph is to ever die, he wants Podric to be there for him, for he fears what is beyond death since he accepted such a heretical spark.

Otto: The young man is his own brother, and guilt is felt for his lack of being able to get involved in more matters.
Falken: Inspiration, Brother


Melarue: Intelligent, Lively
Gael Von Dugald: A mentor of his, though now long gone and disappeared without a trace. He hopes the Elf is fairing well.
Tourmaline: Joseph gets very nostalgic in her presence, unsure about the Caparii.
Guinevere: Simply missed, though he assumes Niko would have kept this one from falling at the hands of the blight.
Elizabeth Kane: The woman is cold, cunning and calculating, and in the young Ranger's line of work, this is heavily appreciated. Unlike her brother, she lingers from battle and benefits from it all the better, without her aid who knows what more would've happened. The man just can't stop but to hope for more dance lessons.
Charles Kane: More humorous than her Sister, Charles Kane sticks out like a sore thumb wherever he goes, usually due to his antics. The man is a force to look to in the midst of battle, and a good comrade as time and experience has proven.
Ashna: Secretly, this moor woman had earned the Ranger's (then Recruit at the time) ire, only over petty things concerning his Mentor. It was mainly irritation after locking him up nonchalantly that one time. Still, all of the hospitality the Lady shows and a fierce unwavering hand with the law that can be relied upon, a proven ally, if not for the spoken past said to him.


Cymic Seymour: There is no mutual friendship between The Grape King and the Recruit, but still, he sees Cymic as an estranged old friend. This man was the first one outside of Amalfia and Akerland that he had met, and the first man who gave him so leeway into the world of combat. Some of his fondest memories lay inside his head of the warm vast hearth inside Halbed's tavern. Due to their estrangement, he often wonders, when deep in thought of the many people that have affected him, how the Elf has changed.
Callisto: Comaderie, Growth
Lisbet: Joseph has not known Lisbet too terribly long, he already favors her presence a lot more than others, as when she is around, Jaden is not dull nor is anyone else. A fire to others, it seems, and sparks for more humor which is never too much for the young man. The Servant is appreciated
and her cunning wit, as displayed with tracking the Halfling, Mitzy.
Karsten: The fellow northerner seems to be level-headed and collected, and over the course of a long discussion, has found him to be enjoyable company. Joe is excited some for what the man has in store for him, not only in means of training but of how he will go throughout his life.


Kristoff: An aspiring Eviscist, and is only going to increasingly bring reminiscent bouts of thought with every approach. Joseph wishes that this Dwarf will follow his path along the arcane journey, and does hope that, in time, he surpasses him, that'd be a wonder.
Juniper: Forester
Reivos: The Makani has not been about for too long, unfortunately, but he already appears amiable and has shown interest in becoming a Recruit. His sense of humor is appreciated, too, and his lightweight-edness.
Schmidt: This young and peculiar kinsman is lively, bold, and arrogant to a degree. Much familiarity is resembled between Schmidt and a younger version of Joe himself, and cannot wait for when the fellow steps from his youth, for the better.


Asero: Pushing, Socially Incompetent
Reynard: A troubled one, or so it seems. Some mage has not been kind to this man, which is curious, to say the least.

Unsure of:

Olive: Hysterical, Distraught
Laisa Dawnriver: Gone, Unrequited

Wary of:

Iskvandar/Nameless Moor: Solemn, Unfriendishly Polite
Leofaren: One of Kopii's ilk, it seems. The only presumption is that these two have spent time together, akin to himself and Gael. There is no favor towards the Elf nor is there any disliking, but there likely is mutual distrust.
Gilligan: Paranoia and trepidation for the unknown is perhaps the staple of being a Ranger, and so he does not yet fully trust Gilligan's actions if he were to be told or even manipulated to act against anyone. This is largely an underlying fear, but he does enjoy this one's company, and still will protect him from harm
, this means not to throw Wendigos at him, either.
James Varyn: Although they may differ when it comes to Jaden, James is always helpful in situations such as the blight and makes good, quick problem-solving decisions. Though there is always a constant wariness to be held against the man.


Kopii: An Elf that has made the reattaining of Formistry for Ater quite difficult, and cast aside all of his good deeds, biding his time for anything to slander about the Sool. In his eyes, Kopii is pretentious and holds a strange charismatic air to others, or perhaps he's just every 'Magus' that he's mostly met. Be it him or not who controlled his actions that night or aided in it, the singing pain will not be forgotten, though it was returned. One thing is sure, there is a deep-pitted disgust at the Elf-Boy.



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Overall: 47 1/4"
Blade Length: 36"
Handle Length: 9"
Weight: 2lb 13oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Blade Steel: 5160

Longsword Oakeshott Subtype XVIla

Norvagen Bastardsword: Will do later
Overall Length: 45 5/8'' Blade: 33 5/8''
Weight: 3 lb 1.4 oz
P.O.B.: 2 3/8''
Thickness: 4.7 mm - 2.7 mm
Width: 45.2 mm
Grip Length: 7 1/4''
Pommel: Nut

Claymore: ^ same

Baselard Dagger:
37,6 cm – overall length (Foot and 3 inches)
25,3 cm – blade length (10 Inches)
3,9 cm5 – blade width at the guard (1.54 inches)
Sharp edge
Weight of the baselard is approx. 310 g (0.68 Pounds or 10.93 Ounces.)

Hunting Knife: Will, once again, do later.

Simple Knife:
6 inch long blade, resin soaked jute twine handle.

110 Lbs. Draw Weight Longbow

125 Draw Weight Crossbow

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I see a commission request and then I fill it out and forget all about it and then I'm surprised when I receive art, either that or Kamaoe is like,"Lol- I'll draw that."

Oh yeah- and like. . most of these are just surprises instead of commissions.
No one surprises me with art ;( Guess I'm the outcast uncle