[Re-application] - Talanthas [Approved - Squidziod]


It took a lot to get here
1. What is your Minecraft username?
Talanthas (formerly 'mathweev').

2. How old are you?
I am 20 years old.

3. What country are you from?
I am from Denmark.

4. Have you read the King's Law, Tome of Citizenship, Official Lore, and the Survival Guides yet?
Aye aye, but learning about places from the official lore is pretty damn hard, thank you lord Silas for bestowing upon these staff members the knowledge of creating mentors!

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Metagaming is the act of using OOC knowledge IC. To put it more descriptively, it is when a person makes use of knowledge - that he/she gained through means that their character would have been unable to gain - through their character. Say Peter went and grabbed a letter that was hidden in the house that he was in due to 'knowing' where it was from some voice in his head telling him while there being no clues whatsoever (in case you don't understand, that voice is the player (; ). In actuality, such a feat is impossible and it should stay that way when it comes to the character that one roleplays.
Powergaming is aligned quite well with metagaming, as they both define impossible feats from reality. However, here it involves physical achievements that mostly has to do with overpowering one another (hence the word 'power'). I believe every person in the world can aggree that climbing Mt. Everest is no easy task, and I have yet to hear of anyone capable of fighting any battle up there, let alone doing so without breaking a sweat. If those three feats alone were possible in this very moment for humankind. I don't believe I would be spending my time in front of a screen right now.

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
No? From what I've read of your forums and what I know of it, I can tell that it is a question which is quite self-explanatory. But I will do you the honors of mentioning the answer: No.

7. Name one of our current Mentors.
Hmm, last I made this I responded Cukie1, but this time I shall go with Ayda (Asirel_Luik, Orderni).

8. Tell us about yourself!
Well, my name is Mathias and I am a student residing in Denmark. I am a soon-to-be a High School graduate, where I've studied political science, history and psychology as my favored subjects. I especially enjoy making use of what I learn in those subjects to engage in discussions as well as analysing the world around me in order to understand it better. Other than that, I like hang out with my friends, get drunk and dream of my future like any other.

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
I am most definitely not an artistic or poetic soul, and moreover, what I have written in the past in terms of stories and the like has been almost exclusively in danish, but if you want to hear about them I am most certainly up for a chat.

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
No, I simply searched around and the website came up.

About Your Character!

Character Name:
Azeari "Arduino” Araico

Character Age:

Character Race:

Adras has a relatively thin frame despite standing tall at five foot nine, his eyes having a dull almost golden tint (beige-colored basically) and the dark tone in his skin showing the many hours he has spent in the sun. His hair looks dirty and is dark red, bound together by many braids with beads, a headband and a ponytail down his back. He wears a loosely-fit ragged grey robe.

Has since gotten new wardrobes as of last I played the server.

(Optional) Picture of the Skin:http://image.prntscr.com/image/0ff67613a1b9486595236bb469f49d88.png

Written Test!
Azeari Araico took his first breath in the lower districts on the 9th day of Truebirth in the year of Hurricanes as the son of Audouin and Amaduena. His father Andorran had fled the house never to be seen again months before his birth after claiming the entire wealth of his mother’s family, leaving them poor and desolate. Yet the love that she felt for him caused Azeari to be called ‘Arduino’ by his mother. She worked hard every day just so that she could bring food to the table, never stopping her stride toward better days and a proper future for her son. She was very knowledgeable as she had been schooled before the tragedy and taught Azeari how to read and write as well as how to do some basic mathematics in terms of adding and subtracting. Hearing stories of how the family used to live before his time led Azeari to grow a disdain of the ways in which many rich men lived, yet it also had him recognizing the act that his father committed to be a sin.

Amaduena’s brother payed his tuitions for an apprenticeship as a tailor when he turned twelve with what little coin was available and he learned the craft for a couple years until his uncle unexpectedly died and he was unable to pay for any further advancement in tailoring, and his mother’s health started deteriorating as a result of the many years she had now spent working in very undesirable conditions. He began actively working as well at the mill where he helped carrying the logs around and cutting it up. During the next few years he quickly took over the responsibility of bringing food to the table and making sure his mother was well. The miller he was employed with also gave the boys some wood that they could bring home so that it could be used in the fireplace. Soon he began cutting some of the smaller pieces into figures from the best of his ability, being inspired by the great depictions of the gods. Especially Shalherana and Theodra had his interest. But as soon as he had cut out his rough figures, he would look them over before throwing them into the fireplace, making it his way of escaping his reality for an hour or two during the evening.

When he was seventeen years of age, a strange middle-aged man came to the mill, asking for small pieces of wood. By this time, Azeari had already made it a habit of collecting them into a large sack in a corner of the mill. As the miller explained this to him, the stranger got a funny look on his face and asked if he could see the boy. When he was put forward, his hands were almost forcefully inspected by the stranger before a vivid smile appeared before him and he asked; “Would you like to learn how to form true art with those hands of yours?”

He couldn’t understand what the man was saying at first, but he soon realized that he was being offered a new apprenticeship for free! In the end he refused however, stating that he needed to take care of his mother. But to this, the stranger would produce a large handful of coins that he offered to Azeari. Naturally, he accepted this offer as it gave him a sense of fulfillment in having cared for his mother while also giving him the opportunity to learn more about woodwork.

He wound up travelling with Tellias as the man was called until he turned 21 years old and was taught greatly within woodwork but also how he could search for food in the wilderness and basic cooking – although that was primarily due to his former achievements in serving his master half-burned food several times. He even got to practice using words and wrote his mother a letter that they sent while in one of the cities on the way. At one time they even sailed along the coast from one harbor to the other. Although this experience was very thrilling for Azeari, he very quickly got seasick, despite the fact that the waters were indeed calm, and spent most of the time limping around in search for the most calm area of the ship.

Tellias very nearly filled a fatherly role for Azeari, and he learned a great deal about the world and its inhabitants from him. But while Tellias would repeatedly praise his skill in woodworking, Azeari felt very far away from Tellias’ level of skill in terms of woodworking that he secretly looked at for inspiration. Soon however, Azeari had learned enough for Tellias to start selling his woodwork along with his own whenever they arrived at a new marketplace. Azeari slowly began understanding how vast the world exactly was as he was showed a world map upon which Tellias would point out the places that they had travelled between during the time they’d known each other. Tellias especially looked at the Eastern Kingdoms and smiled at the very thought of that place. Later that year (259, year of rebirth), Tellias gave Azeari the money that was earned from his woodwork while gesturing to a large ship in the harbor as he then spoke “What you can learn now can only be taught to you by you yourself, Arduino. I hope that our roads may cross once again in the future. But until then, your path lies upon that ship.”

Azeari was very confused by this, but soon understood that he wasn’t capable of helping Tellias with anything, and that Tellias had given him a new opportunity in a new land by sending him on that ship. Nevertheless, it was hard to say goodbye for both of them, and Azeari nearly cried as he walked toward the sailor on the docks and handed him most of his gold just to pay for the voyage. He then got up on the ship and looked toward his old friend for a few moments before turning toward the endless ocean where reflections from the sun made it seem as though it was a sea of flames rather than water. Smiling finally as he had now forged a new path alternative to what awaited him in the city of his home. But also letting a tear fall as he thought of his mother and Tellias, knotting their memories deep into his heart. Now he just hoped he wouldn’t get seasick again…

Right, so this section here is with some of the stuff I can remember from during gameplay of his character that I'd like to retain still:
He is most definitely no longer illiterate, he received teachings in this field over a long time, and even learned about magic from his Master and his master's master in that field of area (although his actual attempts at trying to replicate his master were utter disdainfully failures, with zero exceptions). His master, an high elf called (some name, I will ask Cukie1 if she can remember his username hopefully, or some of the others that we frequently RP'ed with). Anyways, he is basically the foundation of Azeari's future development and caused for Azeari to grow into a charismatic character on top during their many travels around the continent to view all kinds of creatures and the like. And while I doubt Azeari will ever meet anyone to be that close to him in future roleplay, I could not help but feel that the Scholar Azeari's own story was never even close to his own true capability and future life, hence why I decided to continue his story.



Sea Dweller
Staff member

I'm pleased to announce your application has been approved. I hope you enjoy your stay in Altera. Before logging on make sure you read the Survival Guide. It will help you on your way to get established in our World. If you need to know any additional information, everything can be found in our Tome of Citizenship. Make sure you consult either of these two before asking a question ingame.

For easy reading- Here's our Starter Guide once you login!

If you're stuck unable to interact with anything or chat, try using /warp whitelist, if this doesn't work then please message a staff member with the problem.

You are probably eager to jump into the game, so there is no need to read all the links. Just use these as a reference for later.(very useful, by the way.)
Survival Guide
Tome of Citizenship
Commands Guide
How to create your character profile
Town Census
Server Rules
Using Titles ingame
Rules for Roleplay
The Players' Handbook

Lastly, please make sure you understand the following points. It's very important. As a new player, once you play you may be tempted to "test" out an x-ray mod... don't do it! We have a zero tolerance policy for it.

1) We have active members of staff monitoring players suspected of using X-RAY. We have extensive logging capabilities which also highlight to us when X-RAY is suspected. Anyone caught using X-RAY mods or Transparent Texture Packs will be permanently banned without appeal.
2) Anyone found to be griefing our server and subsequently blaming their sibling, friend, dog or any other person other than themselves will be banned irrespective of their innocence.