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In this forum you may advertise your own project or build. You may show screenshots and/or detailed instructions on how to join up with your build. You can also use your thread as discussion board on how to develop your project, and you can use it to call for help.

As a general rule use [brackets] to clearly tell other players what your project is like. Some examples:

[City] Acendia
[Island] Linlea
[Capital City] Storm's Landing
[Port] Riddleport
[Village] Auru

And there's an extra option to add in the Region Classification in { }
[City] {Moderate} Storm's Landing

All Hamlets, Villages, Towns & Cities registered using Prestige must be listed here. Your respective posts can be used for new members to inquire about residency in your settlement.

Please make sure you keep your entry up-to-date as much as possible.

Settlement Name: Name of Region
Region Classification: Violent/Moderate/Peaceful?
Mayor: Who leads the Region in RP? Or ooc?
Trading/Markets: How does your Region earn wealth? Imports and Exports?

Travel: Describe how to get your town, whether it's simply using a travel ship or it's reached in another way, having it shown with a series of screenshots would make the thread look nice too.
Description / Introduction: Write the region's History & Current Events. Be informative and interesting!
Screenshots: Pictures can be appealing

Residents: List residents here - each resident name being a link to their character profile / journal in the character profile / journal forums
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