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Region for Sale/Auction


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I am selling a region by request of and on behalf of Mila @Monster_Dan

The region is called Dusk Port and is located here: http://minecraft.worldofaltera.co.u...ra&mapname=surface&zoom=7&x=15304&y=64&z=7354

Coordinates: X 15269, Z 7356.

There are currently 63 plots. The town features one gorgeous mansion, at least six smaller builds, and a couple incomplete. It is by the water and capable of having a dockmaster, though currently it does not have one.

I will be taking offers/bids for it. The sellback price is 102,500, but with that mansion on it I am of opinion that it is worth far more than that. Please make all offers/bids over 125,000, with a buy-it-now price of 250k.

Pictures featured in posts below.
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