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Legend of Altera
Red Dawn

The Scion has fallen and the end of the war against it and its abominations has been declared by the Divines themselves.
This victory did not come without loss, both the loss of several of the Pantheon as well as plenty of people either rising up against a common threat or caught in the middle of the conflict.
I hereby will be holding a gathering at the Bloodrose Glen again, in remembrance of Lady Vermella and the fallen kin, to also respect and remember the efforts of both Silas and Rahas against the Scion.
Yet we also look forward to the future, to the dawn of a new day.

And finally, let us feast and celebrate.
Celebrating a victory, honoring the fallen Caparii Queen and the fellow Caparii, finishing the festivities that they started on their last day.

~Linden Silveira Duskgrove.

Bloodrose Glen​

Sunday, July 1st

3:00 PM (EST)


Poster Locations:
Storm's Landing

How to get there:
Follow the path into the forest, north of the Compendium, marked by redstone torches/candles.

Additional Info:
-Priest/Priestess/Religious Leader:
Linden Silveira Duskgrove
-Public or Private:
-Temples or Shrines Involved:
Bloodrose Glen
-Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved?
Personally owned region

OOC Comments:
It feels like it's about time to finish the Vermella chapter properly now, hopefully with some successful revelations/confirmations on something Linden wishes to find out during it.
Either way, as former Vermella-Blessed, it's only proper for Linden to be the one hosting a final gathering/feast as at least part of this event.
We shall see what might happen.

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Legend of Altera
This event is still happening tomorrow.

Also, for those who don't know yet:
Thanks to the efforts of NIAH and Elz , there is now a path leading from the north side of the Compendium all the way to the Glen. Thanks!