Finished {Religious} A Divine Funeral [14th of July]


Lord of Altera


Not long ago we faced a great terror, one that threatened to destroy the divine and all they do for us mortals.
And that it did. First was Silas, then Vermella and finally Rahas was felled before this threat was ended.
I call upon any of faith to pay homage to these fallen divine, but most importantly to say goodbye and move on.
To linger on the dead serves no purpose, the living must move onwards.

-Apostle Ventare Seymour-


Priest: Ventare Seymour
Public/Private: Public
Temples or Shrines involved: Small island next to the temple in Linlea.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved: yup

Where: Small island next to the temple in Linlea.
When: The 14th of July 5pm est
What: A sermon and a burial in the grey lady's name of the recently fallen gods.

Solus Lannis

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Lord of Altera
Also to add to, if you are planning on coming and wish to say some words about one or more of the fallen divines akin to how you would at a funeral feel free to prepare something.