Finished [Religious/Divine Intervention] Neverending Onslaught -+- 6/8/2018 @ 3:00 EST.


Lord of Altera
[Divine/Religious Event]
"Seek not for war, for you have found it."

-Crusade, Epitaph of Whispers, VIII to St. Veleti II

As the Demons encroach, so to do the dogs of war, and with that, the natural abominations of our time.
Those of Crusade should yet again show those who are disinclined to the Doctrine of Crusade how very
wrong they have been, and to render those settlements without order the grand radiance of Dominus Bellum.

"But sir, hundreds will die!"

[Operation Tactics]
Call up Crusade, Arike needing some council that isn't
his lieutenants.

[Idk maybe Lannis]

[Temps are appreciated!]

List of Folks;
- _Discord_ [Malthorn]
- Likewise Likable [Hector/Ferdinand]
- Sir Arc [Hamish]

u can bring people too
And more. Just PM if you want to be on attacker/offensive or on defensive.

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Lord of Altera
This is tomorrow, however the point of the event shifts in that it is not necessarily meant for the battlefield to be bloodied, moreso a conversation w/ neighboring bandit tribes, so on an so forth. Temps would be appreciated, a short memorandum to Crusade follows.