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Request for New Sorrows

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
This will be a rather very short post, and not of any great avail really.

As summer starts and projects are bound to begin for good or bad, I feel it may be necessary to have the sorrows be reset, and to allow for further delving into caves and such.
This will hopefully allow for players new and old to get a refresh to their stocks and allow for new builds and beautiful places to be constructed this summer and will hopefully
not be a strain on whoever resets the world. The world-generation we had on this one was quite nice, but I feel we might benefit from having a spawnpoint that is centered north
in the map, and allow people to branch out differently.

Thank you, please consider and have a nice day.

Staff Member


The Chocolate Bar
Staff member
Will provide more information tomorrow, but we are likely going to be resetting the Sorrows in 3-4 weeks. More information tomorrow.