Residence and Census of House Astrum


Legend of Altera

The following is a thread for those who already reside within House Astrum, or simply those who wish to get
a home in one of our territories. Should you wish to apply to join us please, use this link instead;


Should you wish to own a home in Astrum, there are several rules that you must follow;

1) No alterations can be made to the exterior of the build without at first consulting a government official. Such alterations
include (but are not limited to): Changing window colour, adding banners or adding home extensions - such as
basements, attics, leaves, balconies or hidden features.
2) Remember to be respectful of all neighbours, only enter a private property if given explicit permission. Public buildings
are fine and can be identified by the type of building they are, such as a tavern, hospital or library. Generally, if you,
would be allowed to enter a property in a real-life situation, then you may enter it in-game also.
3) The interior of a house is yours to change. If you are struggling to decorate or need resources to do so, please contact a
government official and we can assist. However make sure to decorate in a tasteful and realistic fashion that would fit
the medieval theme of the server, and the style of the island.
4) Market stalls are also available however are subject to availability and follow different rules to the houses.

Should you be found to break any of the region rules or the housing rules then we reserve the right to remove you from the House.
If this happens you will be given a fair amount of warning to remove your personal effects so that we can return the
residence to its former state and give access to another person.

If you become de-whitelisted, announce you are leaving the server, or simply go inactive for a period of four months
without notice. Your property will be removed and all personal effects, will at first go into storage for a short period of time
while we try to contact you. If we cannot get into contact then the items will simply be handed into the city.

Once you officially join the House, it is understood that you accept these terms.


The following is a map of the properties in Astrum, this can be used by current
citizens (for filling out their census), or potential citizens (in their House application).


Conch Street:
The Houses on Conch Street are upper middle-class homes that feature a front garden, three floors with, an attic and a possibility
for a basement extension. These homes are in the centre of Astrum Island and give easy access to all the other districts.
The houses are considered almost the best positioned on the island although they are semi-detached and sometimes present a restricted view.

CS 1 - Rai Tekton (GalaxyCrazyWolf)
CS 2 - Unoccupied
CS 3 - Unoccupied
CS 4 - Unoccupied
CS 5 - Pheonix Hawklight (Pheonix115)
CS 6 - Up for Renewal
CS 7 - Unoccupied
CS 8 - Adrianna Lee (Ghost_Of_Blaze)
CS 9 - Rowaldin Teline (Rujala)
CS 10 - Up for Renewal
CS 11 - Unoccupied

Mother's Garden:
The Houses in Mother's Garden are again middle-class and feature a smaller front garden, three floors, an attic, and a basement.
These homes are secure and protected, holding close vicinity to the barracks. As well as this they are relatively quiet and are surrounded
by nature and music from the park itself. These homes are detached and present a view of the garden, and the Libella mountain.

MG 1 - Unoccupied
MG 2 - Leofaren Venna (SirShanksalot)
MG 3 - Drew Swift (Moo_Bot)
MG 4 - Crimson Krackon (CobwebCrimson)

Lignum Pier:
The Houses on Lignum pier are generally for the lower middle-class as they feature neither a basement nor a front garden. However, they are
located closer to the many market stalls, sit on the beach front and have a breathtaking view of the ocean, the harbour, the Libella mountain and
also the beachfront. There is also a possibility for the extension of a basement.

LP 1 - Nora Tyren (NintyStar)
LP 2 - Strider Slaw (MortPhobic)
LP 3 - Edward Iding (Fishymatt)
LP 4 - Cedany Bennet (RyannDelRay)
LP 5 - Unoccupied
LP 6 - Valtae Dur (The_VALKYRIE)

Chachile Estate:
The Houses in Chachile Estate are considered to be for exclusively the upper class of Astrum. These houses are large, feature five floors with
a basement and an attic also. They also feature a large garden and breathtaking views over the harbour, the city, the mountain and the ocean.
Although situated near the outskirts they are peaceful and considered the prime housing on the Island.

CE 1 - Unoccupied
CE 2 - Unoccupied
CE 3 - Unoccupied

Inapplicable Properties:
These consist of houses or buildings that are within the town but are not applicable to any district. These could consist
of public properties, private properties or simply properties which are not residable.

N/A 1 - Tekton Manor
N/A 2 - The Golden Conch Tavern
N/A 3 - The Abandoned House
N/A 4 - Cenric's Cabin
N/A 5 - Nyssa's Windmill

Census Last Updated: 10/07/2018


The following is a brief Census that shall be filled out every four months. It basically gives us an insight into who is currently
active on the island and who is not. It also tells us what houses are full and still being used without having to place down lots of
ugly OOC signs everywhere. In the census please answer the following questions:

Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Sheet:
House District:
House Number:
Job Role:

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Lord of Altera
IGN: ATepidCupOfTea
Character Name: Cenric Balder
Character Age: 62
Character Sheet: -
House District: N/A
House Number: 4
Job Role: Old Grump/Military Trainer


Lord of Altera
IGN: Darb_
Character Name: Lina
Character Age: 15
Character Sheet: Lina Swift
House District: Mother's Garden
House Number: 3
Job Role: Drew's Child
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I think I might like it here
IGN: Moo_bot
Character Name: Drew Swift
Character Age: 20
Character Sheet: Drew Swift
House District: Mother's Garden
House Number: 3
Job Role: Hunter, Guard, Fletcher


Legend of Altera
IGN: GalaxyCrazyWolf
Character Name: Rai Tekton
Character Age: 29
Character Sheet: - (Will edit when posted)
House District: N/A
House Number: 2
Job Role: Cook, Owner of The Golden Conch
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IGN: NintyStar
Character Name: Nora Tyren
Character Age: 23 years old.
Character Sheet: [incoming, here's my application.]
House District: Lignum Pier
House Number: LP 1
Job Role: Farmhand/Hand-for-Hire


IGN: MortPhobic
Character Name: Strider
Character Age: 22
Character Sheet: Strider
House District: Lignum Pier
House Number: 2
Job Role: Hunter, Guard


Lord of Altera
IGN: FlyingDingo78900
Character Name: Theodosia Engem
Character Age: 19
Character Sheet: being remade will update when I can
House District: Mother's Garden
House Number: 1
Job Role: Guard/ Healer in training


Character Name:Eoghan O Cathain
Character Age:24
Character Sheet: Currently in the works
House District:Lignum pier
House Number:LP2
Job Role: Guard


Settling in Altera
IGN: juulrip.
Character Name: Callisto.
Character Age: Twenty-two.
Character Sheet: [X]
House District: Conch Street.
House Number: 3. (I believe.)
Job Role: Undetermined.
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IGN: MrSmileyJ
Character Name: Jonur
Character Age: 143
Character Sheet: [X]
House District: Conch Street
House Number: 10
Job Role: Guard


Lord of Altera
IGN: TheDeadJester626
Character Name: Cecily Swift
Character Age: 20
Character Sheet: -
House District: Inapplicable Properties
House Number: The tiny room formerly meant for the stablehand.
Job Role: Bard


Legend of Altera
IGN: MrIMineHard
Character Name: Henri
Character Age: 15
Character Sheet: -
House District: Mother's Garden
House Number: It's Drew's guest room so... 3?
Job Role: Courier?